Grammar Rules

Some / Any


Use some when the context is positive and any when it is negative as well as in most cases of questions. For example:
  1. I have some money / I don't have any money
  2. I put some jam in the sandwich / I didn't put any jam in the sandwich

Examples for some / any

  1. Would you like some ketchup to go with your fries?
  2. We don’t have any olives.
  3. I really want some striped socks.
  4. Do you have any wrapping paper?
  5. Let’s go have some fun.
  6. I’ve never heard of any of these artists.
  7. Chris found some wild strawberries growing by the side of the road.
  8. Do we have any jam or are we all out?
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Some / any exercises

Decide whether you have to use some or any:
  1. Is there _______ milk left?
  2. There is _______ juice in the bottle.
  3. Do you have _______ coffee?
  4. I don't have _______ money left.
  5. She has _______ money.
  6. Do you know _______ of these singers?
  7. I don't know _______ of them.
  8. I know _______ of them.
  1. any
  2. some
  3. any
  4. any
  5. some
  6. any
  7. any
  8. some