Grammar Rules

Little / Less


Little refers to non-countable nouns, and is used with the singular form. Less is the comparative form of little. Use less in comparative structures, especially before uncountable nouns. For example:
  1. I have less homework to do today than I had yesterday.
  2. I have little homework to do before I leave.

Examples for little / less

  1. It rained less last month than it has so far this month.
  2. She has little time to spare.
  3. I need to eat less butter
  4. He has little interest in what others have to say.
  5. It takes less time to weed the garden than it used to.
  6. I have little information to share on the matter.
  7. Mary sings less than she did in high school.
  8. The teacher has very little patience with those who don’t study.
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Little / less exercises

Decide whether you have to use little or less:
  1. I have _______ interest in classical music.
  2. I have _______ faith in him.
  3. We need _______ furniture in this dance hall than in the big one.
  4. You have to drink _______ coffee.
  5. He has _______ money than I thought.
  6. Tonight I drank _______ wine than last night.
  7. She dedicates _______ time to her homework than to her hobbies.
  8. This will take _______ time to finish than the last time we tried.
  1. little
  2. little
  3. less
  4. less
  5. less
  6. less
  7. less
  8. less