Making Perfect Writing Accessible to All

Ginger’s AI-powered assistant offsets writing disabilities like dyslexia.

Leading Assistive Tech Tool

Ginger works with businesses, organizations, governments and institutions to bring the gift of writing to all employees.

Common “offender words” can create unique problems for dyslexics. With advanced AI capabilities Ginger immediately recognizes these misspellings and corrects them, enabling faster and more accurate writing.

Ginger partners with dyslexia organizations around the world to provide our technology to as many people as possible. In the UK we are DSA approved to provide course-long subscriptions to students who qualify.

With Sentence Rephraser, you can correct word order, syntax and other errors in one click. Dyslexics use Rephrase every day to rewrite entire sentences quickly while sounding more professional.

Ginger builds its products using accessibility-by-design principles. Enabling text to speech on Ginger helps dyslexics & the visually impaired utilize our apps by listening to the alternatives to their texts.

Ginger Makes Writing Easy for Everyone

People choose Ginger for its simplicity, reliability, and unmatched accuracy. Ginger’s wide range of solutions include an integrated API, team plans for businesses and organizations, and desktop/mobile apps for use wherever you write.

Inspire innovation

Designing or using a product intended for accessibility maximizes the chances of everyone being able to properly use the product regardless of ability. Innovations such as artificial intelligence, voice control, and auto-captioning were breakthroughs due to accessibility.

Increase market reach

Ginger offers many solutions such as the Ginger API that can be seamlessly integrated into all your products and services. Offering inclusive technology results in improved usability, better adoption and higher customer satisfaction. Learn more about the Ginger API

Inclusivity for everyone

Inclusivity empowers everyone to reach their full potential. Ginger builds its products using accessibility by design principles. We offer numerous personalized settings such as speaking rate, text to speech voice options, shortcut options, and more.

Legal requirements

Many countries have laws requiring accessibility. Legislature such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in the US & the Equality Act in the UK provides protection against people with disabilities such as dyslexia.

Simple, Secure, Scalable Writing

Enjoy everything Ginger has to offer while easily managing your teams and billing.

Privacy and Security

End-to-end encryption ensures your information is protected and cannot be read by a third party. Our servers are located in North America and we have an option for servers in Europe.


Ginger is available as a Desktop app, Office add-in, Browser extension, and Mobile app. We constantly update across all our platforms to keep Ginger working with all your favorite tools.

Centralized Billing

Manage one subscription for the whole team and avoid the hassle of individual renewals, entering credit card information and chasing colleagues!

Preferential Pricing

Ginger Business offers special pricing for large organizations, businesses, and educational institutions. Learn more about Ginger Business

Let’s make the world more accessible. Together.