Grammar Rules

Few / Little


Little refers to non-countable nouns, and is used with the singular form to indicate that something exists only in a small amount or to a slight degree. Few refers to countable nouns, and is used with the plural form to indicate not many persons or things. For example:
  1. I've got little money left in my account.
  2. Ben has few friends in London.

Examples for few / little

  1. Few people stopped to listen to the preacher on the corner.
  2. There is little that you can do about the situation.
  3. I happen to like spiders but few others agree with me.
  4. I have little time to waste.
  5. Although the car is old, I have few problems with it.
  6. He’s so stubborn, there’s little use in talking to him.
  7. There are few cars on the road after midnight.
  8. There’s little chance of rain for the next few days
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Few / little exercises

Decide whether you have to use few or little:
  1. There's _______ point in calling.
  2. _______ people understood what he said.
  3. There is _______ use in trying to do this.
  4. There’s _______ space here as it is.
  5. There’s _______ I can do about this.
  6. Dan is a great student. He has _______ problems with history.
  7. There was _______ traffic on the road.
  8. I think Coventry will win the match but _______ people agree with me.
  1. little
  2. few
  3. little
  4. little
  5. little
  6. few
  7. little
  8. few