Grammar Rules

A Little / A Few


Use a little for non-countable nouns (e.g., jam, time). Use a few if the noun is countable (e.g., jars of jam, students). For example:
  1. I have coffee with a little milk.
  2. She likes a few songs by Frank Sinatra.

Examples for a little / a few

  1. I always enjoy a little cream and sugar in my coffee.
  2. Jesse has a few speeding tickets, so his insurance rate is higher than mine.
  3. We have a little extra time this afternoon; do you want to watch a movie?
  4. There were a few horses grazing in front of the barn.
  5. Have a little salsa on your eggs. It’s delicious!
  6. A few coconuts fell from the tree. One of them hit Aaron, causing him to yelp.
  7. I really would like a litlle peace and quiet.
  8. My neighbor let me pick a few peaches from his tree.
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A little / a few exercises

Decide whether you have to use a little or a few:
  1. Can you please buy _______ apples.
  2. We need _______ water.
  3. I have _______ money left.
  4. I take _______ sugar with my coffee.
  5. We had _______ pints of beer there.
  6. You have _______ time left.
  7. There are _______ chairs in the room.
  8. He only spent _______ dollars there.
  1. a few
  2. a little
  3. a little
  4. a little
  5. a few
  6. a little
  7. a few
  8. a few