Ginger enables dyslexics to write faster and without mistakes

Ginger’s Accessibility Technology supports everyone to write error-free texts.
80% of Dyslexics in the UK are undiagnosed
1/5 suffer from Dyslexia in the US alone
15% of people worldwide are dyslexic

Writing Can Be Difficult for Some, Ginger Makes It Easy

Dyslexia affects nearly 15% of the population worldwide, many of whom remain undiagnosed. Unlike most grammar checkers, Ginger’s AI-powered algorithm analyzes text at sentence level rather than word by word to understand what you’re trying to say.

Highly phoneticized spelling

People with dyslexia commonly spell words in a highly phonetic form such as “shud” for “should.” While fairly common, these errors can often be an area of frustration.

Confusing the sequence of letters

Reversing letters, especially when the incorrect word looks similar to the intended word (“hlep” instead of “help”) and look-alike letters (b, d, p, q) are often associated with dyslexia.

Using homophones incorrectly

Words that sound the same but are spelt differently are often signs of dyslexia and dysgraphia. Common homophones that occur include “there / their” and “effect / affect.”

Run-on sentences difficulties

Missing punctuation, word order, and run-on sentences is sometimes a difficulty for dyslexics. Rephraser can help provide alternatives that sound more natural.

Solving Literacy Gaps with Ginger

To unleash one’s full ability, we must identify barriers to achievement. Ginger’s focus on accessibility helps builds confidence for those who frequently make mistakes
“Thanks to Ginger, I can communicate with clients and colleagues without worrying about making stupid mistakes. It works with the apps I use every day (Outlook, Zendesk, Notion...) and is very easy to use. I recommend this app to anyone who needs to make a good impression at work.”
Ginger qualifies for the Disabled Students’ Allowance if you’re a student. Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) is support to cover the study-related costs you have because of a mental health problem, long term illness or any other disability.
“Ginger is an outstanding tool for English speakers. For ESL/EFL students it can become a powerful, motivating, encouraging, and educative tool which will increase their passion for perfection. It helps to understand that all mistakes, errors, typos, slips of finger, blunders, etc. are valuable and any human being must learn from them and keep moving forward.”
“The best part of this software is that it does improve your writing skills and even helps with speaking skills. I love that it works in the background and offers corrections for everything I write, whether it be an email or a blog post.”

Everyone Can Write with Confidence

icon-circle-arrow Develops better grammar
Ginger is a writing assistant that helps overcome writing difficulties, assists teachers to support students with different abilities, and creates inclusivity among organizations and businesses.
icon-learning Supports learning
Text-to-speech reads your text in the voice and speaking rate of your choosing increasing comprehension. Our mistake explanations give real time feedback so you can keep improving.
icon-integrations Easy to use
Test Ginger’s unmatched accuracy by creating a free account today. Ginger is available as an extension, desktop app and a mobile app.
icon-teams Available for teams
Large organizations and businesses count on Ginger to correct all their grammar mistakes. With several solutions from team plans to API integrations, Ginger can work where you need it.