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The 3 Main Resume Types

There are 3 types of resumes that are used the most: Chronological, Functional and Combination. People very often think there is simply one version that is written with slight variations, but the truth of the matter is that there are guidelines one should follow when writing a resume.

The first thing one should do is choose what type of resume fits best the job one is after.

Each one is used in a different manner, highlighting different aspects of one’s skills and/or past positions. The purpose of these different forms is to make the most out of a person’s qualifications for a specific job, while being as concise as possible: resumes should give a lot of information, but without going into unnecessary details, and in a short but informative manner.

The idea is to be as precise as possible, making it as clear as possible for the person reading the resume that the person who sent it in is indeed the one most fitting for the job.

Further below, at the end of this page you can visit three different pages, each dedicated to a specific resume type.

Here is a brief explanation of each one:

1. A chronological resume is a list of your work history, starting with your most recent experience and continuing to list jobs you’ve held in the past – in reverse chronological order.

2. A functional resume places an emphasis on your skills rather than on jobs you have held in the past.

3. A combination resume contains details about your skills, along with a compressed reverse chronological job history.

The type of resume which will suit you most depends greatly on your work history, your skills, and the type of job you are seeking. Learning more about the three main resume types is the best way to determine which to use. For that reason we have created detailed guides and templates, with the relevant examples.

To learn more about each of these resumes types, we recommend you visit each resume’s dedicated page:

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