Phrase of the Day

Ginger’s Phrase of the Day provides you with a daily dose of interesting facts and trivia on some of the more, and less, common phrases in the English language. Learn the real meaning behind these phrases, when and how to use them and other less-known info behind each phrase.

Kangaroo Court

You use the term “Kangaroo Court” to discuss a bogus or unauthorized court or legal proceeding that blatantly disregards the recognized standards of justice and carries little to no official standing in the territory where it takes place.

Example in use: “The commissioner has been accused of running a ‘Kangaroo court’ that prioritizes his personal agenda.”

The Cream Of The Crop

“The cream of the crop” is a phrase that inspired from the French phrase ‘la crème de la crème,’ which loosely translates to “the cream of the cream”. This phrase is used when someone tries to convey highest value or quality of a person or object.

Example in use: These two employees are extremely hardworking. They are the cream of the crop among our employees.”

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Let’s Roll

“Let’s roll” is a phrase is used as a proclamation to move forward and proceed with an action, attack or venture.

Example in use: “What are you waiting for? Let’s roll!”

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Fake News

‘Fake news’ is a phrase that is used to describe fictitious news that has no source, but is written and published as being truthful facts.

Example in use:  “Don’t believe a word that author writes, he’s known to be a master of fake news.” 

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Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

The phrase ‘grass is always greener on the other side’ is used to say about individuals who are never happy with what they have and they constantly ponder if others have it better.

Example in use:Our bookkeeper always imagined that the grass is greener on the other side. She quit her job to pursue a legal education. However, she is still trying to find herself in the practice of corporate law.”

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Full of Beans

The phrase ‘full of beans’ is used to say when someone is always full of  vigor or merriness.

Example in use:When he heard the news on the radio, Phillip was absolutely full of beans.”

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God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

The phrase ‘God helps those who help themselves’ is said when one needs to take action and help themselves rather than praying for divine intervention to solve the problem.

Example in use: “You better start studying for your math exam as God helps those who help themselves.”

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Status Quo

The phrase “Status quo” means the ‘existing state of affairs’. It is the short form of the Latin phrase “in statu quo” .

Example in use: “Jenna wanted to proceed with the next step, but then she decided it would be better to keep the status quo.”

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Strike While The Iron Is Hot

The phrase ‘strike while the iron is hot’ indicates to take advantage of the circumstances.

Examples in use: “It’s best to place your bid while the iron is hot or else you will never win the bid.”


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Glass Ceiling

The term ‘glass ceiling’ is often used in a situation when a woman or someone from a minority group has had a hard time climbing up the professional ladder, and seems to have plateaued professionally below their actual potential.

Example in use:  “She was not able to break through the glass ceiling; despite her qualifications, she was not promoted to the executive level position.”


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Spine Tingling

The phrase ‘ spine tingling’ is used in a moment when you feel frightened and excited at the same time.

Example in use: Seeing my son take that dive in the pool was one of those spine-tingling moments.”

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