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Comfort Food

'Comfort Food' is  food that gives emotional comfort and provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the person eating it. It's usually prepared in a traditional way and reminds the person of her childhood, home, family and friends.

Example of use: Jessie –"Every time I get upset, I ask my husband to make me a big bowl of Grandma’s delicious creamy Mac & cheese and imagine myself  sitting in her kitchen, with not a worry in the world." Emma –"Wow, that sounds like the perfect comfort food. The only thing my Grandmother could make was Apfelstrudel, and I hate apples." 

Interesting fact about Comfort Food

The first known use of the term was in the 1966 May edition of the New York Times, in a book by Theodore Isaac Rubin, 'The thin book by a formerly fat Psychiatrist': "Think thin… lose weight… learn about ammunition foods, comfort foods, and emergency foods."