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Author: Lennon

Date: May 19, 2021 | Grammar

Online media is an ever-growing market, and the language of the Internet is predominantly English. Whether you are a content creator, blogger, online journalist or publish on the Internet you probably understand the importance of flawless English.

Ginger is the perfect tool for everyone creating texts in English, including professionals such as authors, bloggers and journalists. Ginger software will be your ideal, cost-effective and time saving English assistant, capable of correcting any English publication or text. Using Ginger software, writers can boost their productivity, save time and money and improve their English by learning from their own mistakes.

Whether English is your first language, or you chose to publish in English although it is not your mother tongue, Ginger software will boost your success and credibility as a content creator.
One of the main points of criticism about online media is its lack of quality. With Ginger software poor grammar and spelling are a thing of the past!

Independent authors

Editing text drafts is not only time consuming but also expensive when using a human editor. With Ginger's Grammar and Spell Checker authors can check entire sentences with a single click. The result offers unmatched accuracy due to patent pending technology that identifies grammar, spelling and misused word errors based on the context of the entire sentence. Ginger will detect the annoying errors that your traditional spell checker never finds. When you check your texts with Ginger you can rest assured that all errors have been found. No more embarrassing mistakes!

Bloggers and citizen journalists

Ginger will provide you with the confidence you need as it is able to correct grammar and spelling mistakes based on its unique contextual correction tool. Nothing will disturb your readers’ experience when reading your latest blog post, article or online publication. Provide your readership with original content in impeccable English and even attract new readers with texts proofread by Ginger software.

Automatic Grammar and Spelling Checker

Ginger allows you to write impeccable English by fixing all types of grammatical mistakes, including those that are not addressed by any other grammar and spelling correction tool. Here are some examples:


All the children sat at the floor and listened attentively. → All the children sat on the floor and listened attentively.

Split & merge words

Imay be a dreamer but I like to see Europe as a large family. → I may be a dreamer but I like to see Europe as a large family.

Subject verb agreement

The smell of flowers bring back memories. → The smell of flowers brings back memories.

Consecutive nouns

Sheryl went to the tickets office. → Sheryl went to the ticket office.

Singular/Plural nouns

Six people lost their life in the accident. → Six people lost their lives in the accident.

Verb correction

Ginger corrects any aspect of verb usageincluding, for example, verb tense matching and verb inflection to the specified time in the sentence:
They're gone to New York in two weeks. → They're going to New York in two weeks.

Learn From Your Past Mistakes to Become a Better Writer

Ginger has unique features that can empower and improve any writer’s written and spoken capabilities.

The Ginger Learning Feature will analyze all your writing mistakes, in any application you use, and identify which English topics you need to work on. It will then show you the most recommended topics for improvement. Ginger will teach you the topics most relevant for you, based on your own mistakes. In addition you will be presented with short multi-media lessons that will help you avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

Here is an example showing how the Ginger Learning Feature can aid your english writing:

Did Sara took you to school yesterday? → Did Sara take you to school yesterday?

Did you speaked to the director? → Did you speak to the director?

did not called you yesterday. → I did not call you yesterday.

She did not came here yesterday. → She did not come here yesterday.

We talked about it for hours but didn't agreed. → We talked about it for hours but didn't agree.

Didn't you wanted to come? → Didn't you want to come?

Ginger identifies that there is a common pattern of mistakes in the sentences above. Ginger Tutor will recommend working on your usage of verbs in the past tense – negations and questions. It will show you all the related sentences that you wrote, with their corrections (as above), and will provide you with a short English lesson teaching you how to avoid repeating these mistakes in the future in your written or oral communication. You can then take a quiz to make sure you have completely understood the subject.

Text to Speech

Ginger Text to Speech is combined with the Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker and the Ginger English Tutor. With the Ginger Text to Speech you can listen to your own writing and better understand their fluency and the impact they will have on readers.

Ginger Text to Speech Reader - Features

  • Reads aloud texts in MS-Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Outlook, any website opened with FireFox, Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers
  • Gives you the option of selecting natural-sounding male or female voices with US or UK accents
  • Allows speed and volume control
  • Gives you the option to Play/Pause the reading process at any time
  • Highlights words as it reads them
  • Easy to use