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Spelling Book

Welcome to Ginger’s spelling book, where the magic of spelling happens.

Ever confused two words that sound similar? Couldn’t remember the spelling of one specific word? Our spelling book is the place for you to master your knowledge of English spelling, and never repeat those mistakes again!

Misspelled Words

Experiencing trouble when spelling specific words? Do you keep getting the spelling of ‘absolutely’ wrong, and wonder if you’re not alone? Well, absolutely! In Ginger’s spelling book you’ll find a wide selection of the top frequent spelling mistakes that people make when using Ginger. Browse by a specific letter, or type a word into the search box, and learn how to spell your word correctly and how other people have misspelled it!

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Confusing Words

Do you face problems when spelling words that sound the same? Keep using ‘too’ instead of ‘to’, or mixing ‘through’ and ‘threw’? Have no fear – Ginger’s spelling book is here! Our spelling book includes a wide selection of the most popular pairs of words that people get mixed up. You can browse it by clicking on a specific letter, or type a word into the search box, and see how to remember which word is witch...er...which!

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