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Third times a Charm

When you use the expression ‘Third time’s a Charm’ you mean that the third time
something is attempted, luck is sure to result. The phrase is also used as an
actual good luck charm that’s spoken just before you try something for the
third time.

Example of use: “I sure hope he doesn't strike out again.” Answer: “Maybe he’ll get lucky. After all, third time’s a charm!”

Interesting fact about Third times a Charm

The origin of the phrase ‘third time’s a charm’ is probably ancient, as things that come in sets of three have often been associated with good luck due to their similarity with the Holy Trinity of Christianity. The first time a similar phrase was seen in print was in 1839, in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s work Letters Addressed to R.H. Horne: “The luck of the third adventure is proverbial.”