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Baby Boomers

You use the expression ‘Baby Boomers’ for people who were born during the temporary spike in birth rate that occurred shortly after World War II. The term is mostly used to describe those born in the United States and the UK.

Example in use:Our radio station is mostly popular amongst baby boomers: we play a lot of hits from the '60s and '70s.” 

Interesting fact about Baby Boomers

The origin of the term ‘baby boomers’ stems from ‘baby boom’, indicating a temporary increase in birth rate or in the stock market, typically associated with war. The term was first used in 1939. One example from The Syracuse Herald reads: “Stocks with a war flavor bounded up to more than 4 points in today’s early market, in the fastest sprint since the ‘baby boom’ of last fall, but the majority stumbled badly in the latter part of the proceedings.” In 1941, a report in The Galveston Daily News discussed an increase in the U.S. population due to WWII. The largest portion of the post-war baby boom occurred between 1946 and 1964.