Phrase of the Day

Ginger’s Phrase of the Day provides you with a daily dose of interesting facts and trivia on some of the more, and less, common phrases in the English language. Learn the real meaning behind these phrases, when and how to use them and other less-known info behind each phrase.

Give Someone The Slip

The expression “give someone the slip” is used to describe the act of escaping.

Example in use : “The dog has been trying to catch old Rex for weeks, but that hound is talented at giving him the slip!”

Queer The Pitch

You use the phrase ‘queer the pitch’ to explain the act of ruining, interfering with, or even completely spoiling something, usually related to business.

Example in use: “Jack was just getting into his call to action when someone in the audience started shouting in an attempt to queer the pitch.”

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Off On The Wrong Foot

The expression “off on the wrong foot” is used to discuss a relationship or project that made a bad start.  

Example in use: “Although we get along fine these days, we got off on the wrong foot back in the beginning!”


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No Room to Swing a Cat

The phrase  ‘no room to swing a cat’ is used to describe a very small or cramped space.

Example in use:  “It’s a cute house, but there’s no room to swing a cat.

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Use Your Loaf

The phrase ‘use your loaf’ is an expression used to tell someone to use their brain more.

Example in use: “Is it so hard to use your loaf and understand what this situation means for your brother?” 

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Run Out Of Steam

The phrase ‘run out of steam’ means that one has lost the energy or enthusiasm to keep doing what they were doing.

Example in use: “The student campaign ran out of steam when it became clear there was no way they would win a seat in the council.” 

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Blue Blood

The phrase ‘blue blood’ originates from an old sentiment that aristocratic blood was blue. Normally used to describe royal family members.

Example in use: “I often remind my husband that I have blue blood flowing through my veins.”

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Zip Your Lip

The phrase ‘zip your lip’ is used to say that one should remain silent or keep a secret.

Example in use: “I zipped my lip at yesterday’s meeting, as there was no point in saying anything.” 

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Upper Hand

The phrase “upper hand” is mostly used to describe someone who made a decision based on his/her dominant position.

Example in use: “In this case, the president has an upper hand in the decision making and not the congress.”

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A Dish Fit For The Gods

The phrase ‘A dish fit for the gods’ is another Shakespeare’s gem. It means that a meal is of high caliber.

Example in use: “I ate this delicious vegetarian dish at the new restaurant. It was a dish fit for the gods.”

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On The Ball

The phrase ‘on the ball’ is a used to say when someone understands the situation very well.

Example in use: “Dana is totally on the ball since she started taking her vitamin supplements every day.”

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