Phrase of the Day

Ginger’s Phrase of the Day provides you with a daily dose of interesting facts and trivia on some of the more, and less, common phrases in the English language. Learn the real meaning behind these phrases, when and how to use them and other less-known info behind each phrase.

From Rags to Riches

You use the term ‘From Rags to Riches’  to
literally describe someone’s change in fortune, from poor to well off.

Example of use: “Jessica’s story really is one of going from rags to riches. She grew up with nothing, now she is a movie star.”

Cock and Bull Story

When you use the expression ‘Cock and Bull Story’ you mean that someone is telling a
tale that’s so fanciful that it’s unbelievable.

Example of use: “Mindy was late again. When I asked why, she gave me some cock and bull story about her toaster exploding.”

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Bite Your Tongue

When you use the phrase ‘Bite Your Tongue’ you mean to keep quiet, particularly in
the event someone is saying something rude or unpleasant.

Example of use: “I know you want to yell at him, but you’ll just have to bite your tongue.”

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Joshing Me

You use the expression ‘Joshing Me’ to refer to someone joking with you.

Example of use: “Ken said he won the lottery, but as it turned out, he was just joshing me.”

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Pull the Plug

When you use the phrase ‘Pull The Plug’ you are referring to the act of putting a stop to someone’s plans or activities. This term is also used in a literal fashion to describe the intentional act of turning off a hospital life-support system.

Example of use: “Jeff wants to keep paying for cable, but Mary’s sick of paying the bill every month.

She’s planning to pull the plug on the cable company and watch TV online instead.”

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Without a Doubt

You use the expression ‘Without A Doubt’ to indicate that there is no uncertainty
about something.

Example of use: “Does she love him?” Answer: “Without a doubt!”

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Variety Is the Spice of Life

When you use the phrase ‘Variety Is the Spice of Life’ you mean that doing a lot of different things
and interacting with all sorts of people, etc. is a way to make life more interesting.

Example of use: “I know we usually spend summers at the beach, but I’m thinking we should try

camping. After all, variety is the spice of life.”

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Sick as a Dog

When you use the phrase ‘Sick as a Dog’ you mean that someone is very sick.

Example of use: “How are you?” Answer: “Not great. In fact, I’ve been sick as a dog for the last

three days.”

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Level Playing Field

The phrase ‘Level Playing Field’ refers to a fair competition.

Example of use: “I feel like there’s a level playing field as far as my opportunities for job advancement go.”

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In the Buff

You use the term ‘In The Buff’ to indicate that someone is naked.

Example of use: “I was horribly embarrassed when I accidentally walked in on Peter while he was in the buff.”

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Hell in a Handbasket

When you say things are going to ‘Hell In A Handbasket’ you mean that a situation is
rapidly deteriorating or that you are set firmly on a course for disaster.

Example of use: “How’s work going?” Answer: “Horrible. Everything’s going to hell in a handbasket.”

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