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Better texts in all your processes

Ginger's innovative NLP platform integrates seamlessly within your apps and can provide you with corrections of full documents, with various options and explanations. You can offer an interactive experience so that users can improve their writing skills or automatic corrections or simply error flagging for large amounts of texts, like archives. Settings allow you to choose which correction categories to apply and how to display the explanations.

Benefits of using Ginger's API

Your system will be enriched with the latest AI and NLP technology effortlessly

Provide your users with advanced proofreading capabilities

Increase users confidence and engagement

Rise above the competition by providing the highest level of professionalism

Interactive grammar check

With Ginger’s API in interactive mode, users can see correction as they enter text, in any type of entry box or app.
They can benefit from a clean English text and improve their language skills.

Full document proofreading

Ginger’s API allows you to correct a full document in one call. You will receive all the corrections and suggestions. It can be then validated one by one by the user or applied in full, based on your settings, without user intervention.

Seamless integration with LMS/CRM/Internal systems

Text correction can be integrated in your own apps and the results displayed according to your style. We provide you examples of display and highlight of mistakes and corrections that can be customized.

Ginger is used on millions texts every month.
Here are some of Ginger's API customers

Leading Language Learning in Asian countries
Integrates Ginger to correct student’s essays in English. Helps students make great progress.

World Leading Audit and Consulting firm
Integrates Ginger to correct student’s essays in English. Helps students make great progress.

Leading US Student Portal
Uses Ginger to correct student essays and improve their writing skills.

Technical Advantages

Easy to implement

GDPR compliant

Unlimited scalability

Works with all environments