Jun 10th 2015

Ginger Presents: “Words Gone Wrong”

words (640x479) Hey guys,

As we all know language is a form of communication, created and used by humans (although, some might say that animals have languages of their own).
A language is formed by words which show give meaning to one’s thoughts. Languages, and especially words, are constantly changing. In many cases, the change is driven by mistakes. These mistakes can derive from mishearing, inversion of sounds, dropping and adding of sounds, and other all-too-human errors.

Below are examples of 7 words that started as errors:

  • Sashay – “To walk, move or proceed, especially in an easy or nonchalantly manner”

This word is a metastatic variant of the French word chassé (“a gliding dancing step, in which one foot is chasing the other”). The “sh” and “s” sounds were switched from the original pronunciation.

  • Tornado – “A localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground”.

This word comes from the Spanish word for “thunderstorm,” tronada. The inversion of two sounds, in this case the “r” and the “o,” is a process known as metathesis.

  • Data –“A collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn”

Often used in the singular, this word is actually a plural, the singular is datum.

  • Varsity – “A team representing a college or university”

This word originated as versity, a short form of the word university. The reason for the vowel changing is unknown.

  • Burst – “Come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure”

This is a clear instance of metathesis, because the Proto-Germanic root is brest. At some point, the “r” sound jumped ahead in the word and the spelling followed suit.

  • Algorithm – “A precise set of rules specifying how to solve some problem”

The Medieval Latin source for this word, algorismus is actually a very bad transliteration of the name of the Arab mathematician who helped introduce higher math to the western world: “Al- Khwarizmi”.

Can you point out more words which started as errors?
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Liron and the Ginger Team.

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Jun 6th 2015

Tetris is celebrating its 31th birthday!


Hey guys,

Today is June 6th and the 80’s popular video game is celebrating 31 years since it was first released.
Designed and programmed by artificial intelligence researcher, Alexey Pajitnov, ‘Tetris’ is a combination of the words “tetra (Greek word meaning “four”) and “tennis (which was actually Pajitnov’s favorite sport).

The game requires that players arrange, rotate, move and drop, puzzle pieces in real time while they fall from the top of the playing field into the rectangular Matrix at increasing speeds. The game features 7 distinctive geometric pieces, each made up of four squares (‘tetra’).

The game quickly became a global sensation, and was played on more than 50 gaming platforms in over 185 countries. So many of us grew up playing this timeless game in arcades, Game Boys and smartphones the world over.

Did you know that Tetris has been included in more than 30 scientific studies over the years? Studies found that playing the game helped the brain to operate more efficiently. In 2009, a formal study found that by playing the game for just 30 minutes a day, the subjects actually thickened their gray matter. This finding lead to the conclusion that the game is responsible for physical-cognitive development that could also improve things like memory capacity. Furthermore, a different study suggested that the game can help treat patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as the game had a “protective effect” on the patients.

Another brain effect of playing the game, is the Tetris effect (or ‘Tetris Syndrome); people who play the game for a prolonged amount of time, begin to pattern their thoughts, mental images and dreams in relation to the game. They actually think about ways different shapes can fit together in the real world, such as buildings, boxes on shelves and may even experience hallucinations of falling pieces.

Although Tetris is not available on Ginger Keyboard for Android, you can find many other old school timeless games to maximize time while messaging.
Go here for our latest version.

Liron and the Ginger Team.

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Jun 1st 2015

Solitaire is celebrating 25 years of procrastination and wasting time at work

SolitaireHey guys,
Most of us have spent hours upon hours playing this popular game. And now, it’s celebrating its Quadranscentennial (or ‘Silver Jubilee’).

Microsoft (the company that gave us games such as Minesweeper, Hearts and of course Solitaire) is celebrating this special occasion by hosting two tournaments:

The first one, is an internal competition, which will find Microsoft’s best Solitaire player within its own employees.
The second, is a worldwide tournament, meant for the public. This tournament will begin on June 5th, and it’ll host the event inside the Windows app.

Microsoft Solitaire was developed in 1989, by then intern Wes Cherry, and was first introduced in Windows 3.0, as both for entertainment and to help new users to get familiarized with the new interface.

You can play your favorite old-school games (Snake, Copter, Squash and 2048) in your very own Ginger Keyboard‘s ‘Games Center’.

Liron and the Ginger Team.

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May 27th 2015

Ginger is proud to announce: “We’re partnering with Any.do to boost productivity while messaging”

FB option 2

Hey guys,

As of today, Ginger’s Android Keyboard users will be able to write and dictate tasks, notes & lists to Any.do directly from our Smart Bar.

Here at Ginger, we try to find different ways to enhance the usefulness and capabilities of our keyboard, while still providing our users with real value.
By accessing Any.do’s interface directly from our keyboard, we’re streamlining the process of taking notes and setting reminders while messaging, allowing our users to stay productive without ever leaving their messaging platform.

We are very excited by the benefits this partnering will provide our loyal users, as now they’ll be able to capture tasks and notes without having to switch back and forth between the two apps.

To see our press release, go here.
“Let the tasking and easy organizing begin!!”

Liron and the Ginger Team.

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May 20th 2015

The ‘Android Community’ praises Ginger Keyboard



Hey guys,

In this rapidly evolving world, Ginger tries to stay in the heart of the Keyboards evolution. We’re proud to have been recently featured and reviewed by ‘Android Community‘.

Android Community, composed of mobile and tech enthusiast and professionals, is a site that tries to stay ahead of the news curve and provide the best source of open-platform mobile devices, news and Web analysis.

We are very excited to have been recognized by the Android Community for our efforts and achievements in the Android Keyboard area.
Here is a taste of what they had to say about Ginger:
“Ginger Keyboard app is probably the only one in the market that can not just correct your spelling, but even your grammar. It will be your best friend, especially if you’re the type who’s very conscious about these things…. If you’re bored or waiting for a message but have nothing to do, you can even play games on the Ginger Keyboard…”
To read the full review, please click on this link.

Liron and the Ginger Team.

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