Aug 23rd 2017

Simon Game on Ginger Keyboard for Android

Simon Game

News Flash!!

The good and trusty Simon Game is now on Ginger Keyboard for Android.

What is this Simon game all about?!
Simon is an electronic game of memory skill. The game creates a succession of tones and lights and requires a user to repeat the series.

How to play Simon on your Ginger keyboard?
1. Go to the game area within Ginger’s keyboard:

Simon Game

2. Press on the Simon Game

3. Follow the patterns of lights and sounds for as long as you can.

4. See how far you can stretch your memory.

5. Have Fun!

The Ginger Software Team




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Aug 22nd 2017

Guidelines to Freelance Writing


Guest post written by Ivan Hamlin on August 22, 2017

To embark on a journey where you can go full time with your freelance writing is no easy task. The road will be riddled with obstacles of all sorts. You will have to face financial limitations as opposed when you were employed full time in a company and had a constant income stream with occasional bonuses and raises as a result of yearly evaluations.

Secondly, when you will pitch this idea to your friends and family, they will laugh and it will make you look an idiot in front of them. They will call you stupid for even thinking like that. You will ask yourself, “how will I pay my bills?” etc. The struggle will be real. But there is nothing impossible once you set your eyes on it and if your mission is clear.

These guidelines can help you successfully transition from being a full-time office employee to a full-time freelance writer:

Research should be thorough

Now that you have decided that you want to make a career out of freelancing, your research should be no short of thorough. You cannot jump off a cliff without knowing where you will land. If there are rocks down below you will probably not jump (unless of course if you want to kill yourself intentionally) but if there is some safety net below or an arrangement to break your fall midway which will minimize the damage, you might want to take that plunge.

Similarly, with freelancing your research ought to be top notch. If it is academic writing, dig as much information about the field of writing as you can. If you already have been doing freelancing on the sides, it will be perhaps easier for you to make the switch as you can always ask your clients to provide you with referrals.

If you are a beginner, you may want to learn and ask people around you who have successfully made the switch to full time writing as a freelancer. Learn from them and read about the common mistakes freelancers make during this time, on their way to going full time. Practice the writing process from its pitch to publication.

Start Small

It is not necessary just because you have gone against the norms or tide that you start heavy. The ideal way to go about this as it will take time, start small. But even before that, you must ask the following questions:

Have I got enough that will get me by for few months financially? You should at least have six months of saving so that if the things were to go awry, you have a cushion to fall back on.

Do I have what it takes to account for my taxes, insurance and other fringe benefits that my employer used to take care of? It will be now your responsibility and in addition, utility costs usually increase in working from home.

All in all, do I have the budget to survive? Even after this, you feel nervous and worried, it is perhaps wise to squeeze freelance in alongside your job routine. But remember fear will always hold you back. Thus, when you start, start small so as to minimize the damages (if it comes to that). There are people who start earning almost immediately, but such examples are few and far.

Starting small time means that you get to be your first client. Is your blog outstanding? Are your copywriting skills top notch? If the answer is yes, look for work among your self-employed friends and family. Figure out if they are in assistance of your skills. For beginners, it is a great way to hone their skills and build a portfolio.

Create a website

While you are making this transition, develop a website of your own or ask a professional to do it for you and showcase your portfolio on the site. By means of personal branding like this, you can attract a lot of returning and potential clients.

Set targets and start pitching

Write down your target on how much wish to earn on a monthly basis or on a fortnightly basis, for that matter. Writing goals, as well as ideas down, have a higher percentage of being realized. When you have written down your targets, start by writing the names of your potential clients that you may be interested in working with.

It is not necessary that these names are big ones nor is it essential to only seek clients with high payouts. Draw another column, but this time write down the names of the big publications such as the NY Times or Vox. These names are who you will be interested in writing for one day. This exercise can prove to be really helpful in pitching.

When you have prepared the list, now start developing pitches to prospective clients that you think are likely to hire you. But you cannot simply make the same pitch everywhere or on each site. You have to read the policy of that website before approaching them with a pitch. Different sites have different criteria.

Moreover, pitching to the client, adhere to the guidelines strictly. If the editor of the site wants you to provide him with your resume or an overview of yourself as in why should you be hired in two paragraphs, make sure you abide by these rules when making the pitch.

Don’t lose heart if you are rejected. Rejection can feel overwhelming, especially when you don’t have a paying job. You will notice by setting targets and approaching the client in true letter and spirit, for every five pitches you send one will get accepted (in the beginning).

Find a mentor

Having a seasoned freelancer by your side will get you through this transition of going full time relatively comfortably than when you are sailing alone. It is because his words will be there to calm you and his insights will uplift your mood.

Therefore, learn to network, join freelance forums or groups and participate. It is possible, you may find an expert early on or later down the road, but nothing beats the advice and support from a mentor especially when you are treading in new waters.

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Aug 9th 2017

Writing An Essay During The Summer Vacation

Writing _Summer Vacation_500x300_1

Written by Malki Ehrlich on August 09, 2017

Summer vacation is usually a time of relaxation; a time to explore and enjoy happy moments with your friends, family, and loved ones. While a lot of people consider summer vacation a time of relaxation, it also might be a time to put on record all of the wonderful experiences and reflections you have accumulated during these liberated moments.

Nowadays, in schools, kids are often requested to write an essay about their summer vacation experiences which are usually submitted upon returning to school in the fall. Writing an essay during summer vacation is usually a great experience since it gives you ample time to work without the pressure of your regular academic duties; it allows you to carry out quality research and enough time to revise your essay to perfection.

Here are three winning tips on how to get the essay done in an enjoyable way:

Don’t procrastinate!
While writing an essay during summer vacation may be good, it may have an adverse effect on certain writers who are overwhelmed by the vacation mode syndrome. This syndrome sometimes affects productivity as well as causing the mind of the essayist to become overly relaxed. Ironically, due to the ample of time available, essay writers tend to lose focus, which usually has an adverse effect on the quality of their essays grammar and structure.

Try to give a first-hand experience:
Whether you are writing an essay concerning places you visited, or about how your family reunion party went, writing an essay during summer vacation makes it easy for you to share first-hand experiences as they are happening. For example, if you plan to write an essay about the Niagara Falls, it will be highly preferred to write it during your summer vacation because you can take a trip down to the site and gain personal experience which you can write about.

Don’t take a vacation from grammar:
It is of great importance to always make use of proper grammar when writing an essay even when you are in vacation mode. Even though, there might be the strong urge to relax and reduce your productivity levels, maintaining the use of proper grammar is of great importance, as it enhances accuracy and fosters reaching a more elevated readership.

Summer vacations may either impact essay writing activities positively or negatively. It is advisable that you make out concrete plans and a schedule of what you want to achieve during summer vacation and while also working towards the goals you have set. Study grammar related books and review essays online so that you can get an idea about what to write and how to structure your own essay. Remember, it’s Summer Vacation, not Grammar Vacation!

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Jul 31st 2017

10 Phrases that will stick to you this Summer

10 Phrases that will stick to you this Summer

Guest post written by Anja Skrba on July 31, 2017

You were probably at the edge of your seat throughout the entire month, counting down the days until your holiday will finally come, so that you can have your well-deserved rest and not think about anything for a change….It’s getting very difficult not to daydream about a sandy beach, that summer sun, and a drink in your hand, isn’t it?

Well, if you want to get even more excited about the upcoming summer holiday and get yourself in a great mood, you should check out the ten phrases you will most likely use during your vacation. These will help you stay sane when you’re on the verge of your strengths and trying your best not to have a breakdown from all the stress that’s been building up the previous year. Going over the following phrases will undoubtedly help you daydream in fine details and project yourself exactly where you want to be.

Cool Morning Breeze
One of those perfect moments of any holiday is the second you open your eyes and realize that you’re actually on your vacation. The next thing you should do is open up a window or go to your balcony so that you can admire the view and feel that wonderful morning breeze in your hair and on your skin.

Lazy Sunday Afternoons
The greatest thing about summer is actually the lack of things – no responsibilities, no deadlines, and no problems. One of the phrases you will love repeating is that you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon and doing nothing else but unwinding.

Refreshing Cocktails
It wouldn’t be a full summer experience if you didn’t spend your lazy afternoon sunbathing with a drink in your hand. And it wouldn’t be a summer drink if it wasn’t a refreshing cocktail, would it?

Pesky Bugs
Well if all was perfect it wouldn’t be real; the thing that everyone hates about summer, and which is practically inevitable, are insects. So, a random moment where you’ll curse the fact that you’re surrounded by pesky bugs just has to happen.

Outdoors Adventures
Even though lazy afternoons have their charms, you should make yourself get up from that impossibly comfortable chair and set off to an adventure. Meeting new people or doing something that will make your adrenaline levels rise is what you need to make this summer memorable.

Roaming the World
If you’ve planned a free-spirited summer for yourself – and by that I mean travelling the world – chances are that you’ll have the best time of your life. Roaming the world is something most people dream about, so enjoy using this phrase when you find yourself on two different continents in two days.

Ocean Waves
Taking a long relaxing walk while your feet are in the sand and while restless waves keep hitting you softly is definitely a moment that will help you charge your batteries.

Family Get-Together
Summertime is definitely a wonderful opportunity for family reunions. I’m sure you will organize at least one backyard barbeque and plan a family get-together to catch up with everyone and have a great time.

Long Starlit Nights
I’m sure you know that feeling when you don’t have to look at the time and think about tomorrow even for a second, and you can just let your mind wander upwards and dwell among the stars.

Summer Fling
Speaking of starlit nights – that picture wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have a pinch of passion. The air on summer holidays is filled with wild hormones running around, so much so that you can practically cut through them with a knife, so you should simply let yourself enjoy that atmosphere. A little summer fling might be exactly what you need.

Each of these moments will make your summer unforgettable. However, in order to actually enjoy it and not just let these couple of months fly by, you need to be able to recognize them and pay attention to all the little details around you.

Anja Skrba is a Content Creation Manager for First Site Guide, an educational website which provides tutorials and guides that help people create, grow and maintain their online presence.


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Jul 31st 2017

Transformation of English Language: From Ancient England to the Modern one

english banner

Guest post written by Dominic Lester on July 31, 2017

The last reported population of the England was 53.01 million. However, there are 1.5 billion speakers of the English language right now in the world. This is the impact of the English language in all over the world. The English language also has the honors like the language of the air, which means a pilot regardless of his or her origin, should know English and has to communicate in the English on the radio. If I start listing the facts and honors of the English language, the length of an article would not be enough. That is why we will stick to our main topic of this article and is going to discuss the transformation of the English language from the ancient England to the modern one in the next lines.

From 450 to 1100 AD:
Very few people know that the English language is the heritage that the Germanic tribes from the era of 450 AD brought with them when they invaded the medieval England. These invading Germanic tribes were also used to speaking similar kind of languages which through the course of the time become the old English in 1100 AD. That old English was so much sufficient of transformation that we still can find its roots in the modern English words like to be, strong and water.

The Germanic tribes that invaded the England were Angles, Saxon and Jutes. However, the English was most closely related to the Frisian languages. That is why the English and Frisian form the Anglo-Frisian group in the West Germanic. This was the root of the English language that further transformed in next 1,400 years.

From 1100 to 1500 AD:
Just like the West Germanic tribes came to England with their languages, the France in 1066 also came to England with the gift of language. In the 1066 William, the conqueror of France invaded the England and conquered it. Now those invaders are called as the Normans who brought a kind of French language with them, which later became the official language of the Royal Court of England. Now there were two languages were start hearing in the England. One is the old English from the West Germanic tribes which were used to be spoken by the lower class of England. The second language which French came with in England became the language of the ruling and business class of England. However, due to the struggle of England working and lower class, in the 14th century the old English finally becomes the dominant language in England, but due to the oppression of the French people, many French words added into the old English which transform into the Middle English.

Very few people know that the J. R. R. Tolkien was also one of the authors who used the Middle English in his novels and books. He also used many major Middle English sentences and words in his historical book the Hobbit and an unexpected journey. Moreover, in the Middle English period, the authors used to use the regional dialects in their writing, which also become their dialect traits.

From 1500 to 1800 AD:
Despite many invasions in the England and by the England around the world, the English as a language kept changing and transforming into a much better pace. Towards the end of the Middle English era which is 1500 AD, a sudden change in the pronunciation of the words due to the great vowel shift. The vowels start getting the pronounced shorter and shorter that keep changing the sound and pronunciations of different words changed. Because England was busy in invading different countries in that era, they also start getting connected with various people by using the form of English which belonged to the end of the middle and the start of the early modern English.

The best thing that happened to the English in that era was the invention of the printing. This invention helped England a lot to promote their language all over the world. Moreover, the English also starts considering to be the language of the printing and all the books of that time start getting printed in the early English language. The more printing process gets advanced; the books become cheaper and more people started to learn to read the English language. Due to the printing, the spellings of the English words and the grammar become the standard for many publishing houses. Moreover, the dialect of the London also become standardized in the printing of this era because most of the publishing house was situated in the London.

In the year 1604, the English as a language achieved its biggest milestone because in this year the first dictionary of the English language got published in London.

From 1800 to Present:
We all know that this is the era of the modern English. However, this is also the slowest era of the transformation of the English language. There are only two major differences in the early modern English and today’s modern English which is also called as the late modern English. One major difference happened in the era of the industrial and technological revolution which created thousands of new words in the English language. This is the era from which most of our vocabulary of modern English comes from. These words were not created by any government or any council, but by the authors and other English language experts. There were more authors and writers in that era as compared to any other era due to the printing facility. It is said that alone Shakespeare created 1700 English words. Now consider how many words would the writers of the past 1800 era would have created.

The second major difference came in late modern English with the dominance of the British Empire on the earth. On one side where the British Empire was dominant on other nations of the earth, the English as a language got dominated by other languages of the world. That is why now you can find many English words which you will find similar in different words of languages too.

The Dominic Lester is a Master’s degree holder in the University of the Westminster. He is a professional blogger and article writer who loves to write on different niches, especially the English as a language. He also provides his writing services to the academic writing companies which give essay help to those students who struggle with writing their own assignments.


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