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Ginger’s mission is to remove language barriers between people by enabling everyone to communicate better and faster.

Ginger creates apps and products that help people communicate more productively and efficiently on their mobile devices and desktop computers. Our goal is to offer an enjoyable, productive writing experience that is both efficient and fun.

Our mobile keyboard and writing enhancement apps utilize an advanced text analysis engine that uses statistical algorithms in conjunction with patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to contextually understand text and intention.

Ginger Keyboard

Available for Android (supports up to 58 languages), Ginger Keyboard enables streamlined mobile communication and a more productive mobile experience. The only keyboard that offers advanced proofreading alongside features like Stream (swipe-like input), adaptive word prediction, keyboard themes and emoji.

Ginger Page

Available for Windows, major browsers and mobile (iOS and Android), Ginger Page is a one-stop shop for writing. Featuring the world’s most sophisticated proofreader (6 times more effective), Page deploys advanced writing tools like definitions, synonyms, rephrasing, translations and more to provide everything one needs to write high-quality text in one easy to use app.

By using all of Ginger’s tools, you can
benefit from writing enhanced English with
confidence regardless of how skilled you
are. That’s because Ginger understands all
your needs, and its tools are optimized to
work with the different applications and platforms that you’re already comfortable
with – from Microsoft Word to Outlook,
PowerPoint, mobile phones and more.

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