About Ginger

Ginger Software’s mission is to help people write better and faster, in English and in other languages.

10+ years of experience in NLP and AI

Over 10 years ago, Ginger pioneered AI-powered grammar and spell checking tools and has since filed patents for several major technological innovations. Our tools are used by millions of people worldwide; this has allowed the continued development of our technology through deep analysis of user patterns and feedback.

Ginger tools are suited to native and non-native speakers alike – it is great for helping those with learning difficulties too!

Ginger continues to innovate and make the best use of new deep learning techniques, advanced language models and more. Using machine learning, Ginger tools also keep up to date with the way language usage evolves.

Go beyond correctness, add style!

Ginger corrects mistakes, but also gives explanations, language tips and personalised advice to improve your writing and style. 

It also suggests alternative ways to express your ideas with AI-based Synonyms and a Rephraser that works like a thesaurus for whole sentences!

Mobile, desktop and API

Ginger Software tools are available as online tools, mobile apps, browser add-ons, Windows and Mac apps, and can be fully integrated with Microsoft Office. Ginger can also correct in real-time, as you type. Our global user base includes native and non-native English speakers, school and university students, working professionals, professional writers and worldwide learners of English!

Ginger also offers a powerful API for document correction, that allows integration in many applications such as text editors, document management systems, publishing workflows... The API allows very high volumes of data, is incredibly robust and surprisingly affordable! It includes grammatical error explanation, sentence splitting, <html> processing, language detection, error logging, user dictionary management, and much more.

Ginger can be deployed in large organisations, educational institutions or companies.

Prestigious founding members and an experienced R&D and management team

Ginger Software received over $25m in funding from major high-tech investors including Horizon Ventures, Tamar Ventures and Vayzra. Some of the founding members hold Senior Management and Research positions in Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Verbit, Chorus.ai. Ginger sold some of its technology to Intel in 2015.

Ginger is a private company. The management team comprises seasoned professionals with years of experience in various Natural Language Processing (NLP) roles and outsources some work to external specialists to enhance the suite of skills accessible.

Ginger is always recruiting! Roles in NLP, linguistic engineering, marketing, product management, business development and more are available – experience in these fields at a senior level is preferred. We welcome staff from around the globe at Ginger offices in the United States, Canada and Israel as well as a part of our global remote workforce.