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Yaron Moshe

General Manager & VP Products

Yaron is a seasoned leader with vast experience in product management for SAAS, B2C and B2B2C companies. In his role at Ginger, Yaron responsible for the marketing and product vision as well as for the execution of Ginger's goals and objectives. Specifically, the grammar related products for chrome, MS-Office and mobile. Yaron brings 20 years of business and product leadership experience, executing companies’ vision to commercial services for businesses and consumer. Prior to Ginger, Yaron was the head of product at Gameeffective, where he led and design a complex product for enterprise customers to increase employees engagement and knowledge. Before that, at Perion (the product and the team acquired by Ironsource), Yaron established a marketing automation SAAS business specializes in increasing engagement. Prior Perion, Yaron spent time as billing and business applications manager at Conduit and Safenet.

Yaron holds MBA and B.Sc. degree in information systems engineering. Both from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology)

Alex Ben-Ari

Vice President, R&D

Alex Ben-Ari has 13 years of experience in software engineering, architecture and management of software development processes. In his previous position, Alex managed the software development unit in Rosetta Genomics, where he led a large scale effort of developing and executing distributed machine learning algorithms on very large amounts of genomic data. Alex has a special passion and expertise in agile software development practices and processes and has successfully introduced and cultivated them in multiple development environments over the years.

Oded Lilos


Oded Lilos is an online marketing veteran with over 14 years of product and marketing experience in high-tech companies. Oded’s expertise lies in navigating the fine line between marketing and product to synergize features, campaigns, branding and everything in-between. At Ginger, his responsibilities include customer acquisition and branding strategy through inbound marketing, search engine optimization and social media.

Before joining Ginger, Oded managed the SaaS business operations of Como (previously Conduit Mobile), where he led Como’s growth and internationalization initiatives. While at Como, Oded built the online marketing team and grew customer acquisition by 500%.

Prior to Como, Oded worked at the Microsoft Israel Development Center as a Senior Program Manager leading both the product and design for several consumer and enterprise solutions. Before that, Oded served as the Senior Product Manager at Gteko, a company that was later acquired by Microsoft for $110M in 2006.

Oded is passionate about technology, specifically the use of technology for creating business value. In his spare time, Oded enjoys spending time with his family and FLYING HIGH on the flying trapeze.

Ginger's team is comprised of a close-knit group of smart, young internet visionaries. Each member brings his, or her, own unique skill set to the Ginger offices to help remove language barriers and improve communication throughout the world.

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