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Synonyms for Upgrade

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enhance, increase, improve, boost, promote, raise, advance, elevate, better, lift, progress, move up, make better, make strides, develop, enrich, grow, magnify, make an improvement, make over, makeover, correct, remedy, remodel, reconstruct, repair, retouch, aggrandize, intensify, heighten


There are different meanings attached to the word 'upgrade'. Sometimes upgrade refers to fixing, adjusting, or making physical improvements, especially to a building or other real estate holdings. An example of such an upgrade is remodeling a kitchen by removing old appliances and installing new ones. 'Upgrade' is also a broad concept; for example, it can be the act of making or becoming better, as in upgrading one's lifestyle. Moving from a tiny studio apartment to a house is an example of this type of upgrade. As a general term, the meaning of upgrade is simple: It means that something has been boosted or increased in some way. To progress in development; to create a new or improved version of something; an improvement or increase in service, accommodations, privileges, profits, etc. is to upgrade. An example would be buying or receiving an upgrade to first class airline seats. As you'll see from the examples, there are many ways to use the word 'upgrade' and its synonyms as a verb that describes an action that is taken to make certain improvements. 'Upgrade' is also used as a noun that describes the improvements themselves.


"There's no need to aggrandize; the place looks just fine the way it is."
"Jim had to retouch his car's paint job after someone hit it in the parking lot."
"Let's repair the roof so that it stops leaking."
"They had to reconstruct his knee after the football accident."
"We are remodeling the old house we bought last year; when we're finished, it will be as good as new."
"He remedied the old, worn out floor by stripping it, sanding it, and applying a new finish."
"Once we correct these faults, we'll be ready to take our business to the next level."
"Erin lost fifty pounds and got a complete makeover; she looks a lot different these days."
"We're going to make over our entire back yard. It's going to be a lot of work, but we'll enjoy having a swimming pool when we're finished!"
"They're planning to develop that old store into an indoor arcade complete with a mini-golf course!"
"She has really been making strides in her life since she decided to change her major from Physics to Psychology."
"We can make this room better by tearing out the old wallpaper and adding a fresh coat of paint."
"Richard was moved up to a management position."
"We've made significant advances toward improving our health. It all started when we decided to go to the gym five days per week."
"Raise your awareness and you’ll be surprised at how much better you relate with others."
"She made a concentrated effort to better herself by taking classes at night, after she got off work."
"We were impressed at the difference a little boost in bandwidth made to our wireless system."
"I'd like to improve the landscape by adding a water feature such as a pond or waterfall."
"Let's increase our level of service; that way, our customers will keep on coming back."
"You can enhance your looks with a few simple cosmetics or a haircut that frames your face."
"We really enjoyed our flight, especially after we received a free upgrade to first class."
"We upgraded the office by providing everyone with a customized chair."
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