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Synonyms for Sadness

Another way to say

sorrow, dismay, heartache, grief, anguish, heartbreak, dejection, bleakness, despondency


A feeling of sorrow, unhapiness, or grief


"Sadness is described as one of four basic sentiments. The others are anger, fear, and joy."
"Grief is a form of sorrow that happens after a loved one dies or another serious loss occurs."
"Sadness may last for just a short time, or continue for years, as in cases of serious depression."
"Many country music songs feature lyrics that delve deep into the emotion of sadness. Songs about heartbreak, misery, and regret put listeners in touch with their own feelings and remind them of sad experiences that they've had throughout their lives."
"People who are experiencing feelings of sadness often withdraw into themselves and focus on their thoughts. They may not feel like talking to others, and their body language may become lethargic. Over time, feelings of emotional distress should dissipate, and the sense of dejection should lessen. Only then will the sufferer feel much like interacting with others in the same way that he or she used to."
"Many things can cause sadness. We often associate this feeling with death, but smaller things can lead to melancholy emotions. A friend or family member moving away, the loss of a job, or even the changing of the seasons can contribute to a case of the blues."
"Negative thoughts can make feelings of sadness and woe seem worse. It's normal to spend some time lamenting after something bad happens, but dejection can lead to deep depression. If this happens, you may need to seek professional help, or ask your friends for even more emotional support."
"Facial expressions such as frowning serve as non-linguistic signs of sadness. Scientists have shown that pupil size decreases as melancholy becomes deeper. When people see one another wearing looks of dejection like this, their pupils may become smaller, their own facial expressions may appear sad, and their sense of empathy is likely to increase."
"Mindy is sobbing uncontrollably, making it difficult to determine the source of her sadness."
"John and Sarah are mourning the loss of their daughter, who died unexpectedly in a terrible car crash. Misery and anguish are written all over their faces; it seems as if they will never smile again."
"Grandmother's funeral was an occasion of deep sadness. Aunts, uncles, and children showed their grief openly and without remorse, crying from the time the opening song was sung until the grave was closed."
"Joseph was heartbroken when Marla broke off their engagement. His sadness worsened over the following months, and by December, he was truly depressed."
"It was with great sadness that they said goodbye to their favorite aunt."
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