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Synonyms for Intelligent

Another way to say

Brainy, bright, brilliant, imaginative, original, perceptive, clever, sharp, quick-witted, smart, knowledgeable, wise, well-informed, astute, witty


Possessing high mental capacity; quick to comprehend; possessing intelligence; displaying or characterized by sound thought, quickness of understanding, or good judgement; having the faculty of understanding and reasoning.


"People often wonder whether there is intelligent life on other planets."
"Your daughter is a very intelligent little girl; among the best students I've had in a while."
"It is very difficult to measure the intelligence of whales and dolphins, but we do know that their brains are very large."
"She is an extremely intelligent person; so smart that she's almost a genius."
"Orangutans are intelligent, sociable animals, and can become mentally ill when caged alone for long periods."
"The children are equally intelligent; it's just that Thomas spends more time studying so he seems smarter than Bill."
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