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Synonyms for Different

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Distinct, distinctive, contrasting, diverse, peculiar, offbeat, particular, separate, individual, bizarre, extraordinary, original, other, rare, special, specific, strange, unique, unconventional, unusual, various, atypical, assorted, inconsistent, miscellaneous


1. Being distinct or separate 2.Not the same as each other or another; unlike in form, nature, or quality 3. Out of the ordinary As you'll see from the examples, there are many ways to use the word 'different' and its synonyms to convey distinction and uniqueness.


"You've got a lot of different choices in flooring. For example, you can have hardwood floors and choose from a variety of area rugs, or you can just go with carpet. Both have unique properties as well as specific pros and cons."
"He has an offbeat sense of humor. Some of the things that he finds funny aren't even slightly amusing to others."
"She's got some peculiar ideas; for example, she believes that she can communicate with ghosts. I don't know if it's true or not, but I do like the fact that she's different from most other people."
"Distinctive flavors make food taste interesting, so we enjoy our meals more than we would if we always ate the exact same thing."
"Her voice is unique, with a distinct throaty quality that makes it seem as if she's a bit hoarse."
"I prefer a different kind of career than you do."
"There are many different kinds of people in the world."
"This red dress is different from that blue one."
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