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Synonyms for Amateur

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beginner, novice, layperson, aspirant, hobbyist, non-professional, recruit, tenderfoot, layperson, neophyte, dabbler, Sunday driver, greenhorn, rookie, newcomer, trainee, fledgling, initiate, new kid on the block


An amateur is someone who is a casual participant rather than a professional. For example, a person who takes good photos but does so only for fun can be described as an amateur photographer. In some cases, an amateur is defined as someone who is a beginner or novice. He or she may be a person who is unskilled in something, but is learning; often used in discussing sports and other hobbies. For example, a boxer who is practicing and working out but who isn't ready for big, televised prize fights is an amateur, not a professional. As you'll see from the examples, there are many ways to use the word 'amateur' and its synonyms to describe a person who is new to a job or some other activity.


"This talent contest is only open to amateurs; there are no professionals allowed."
"Ben might be the new kid on the block, but he picks up skills quickly and will be an expert before you know it."
"Sarah is a fledgling mountain climber; she still needs some equipment and she only goes to certain heights."
"The trainee Emergency Medical Technicians are busy learning how to do basic lifesaving skills; after that, they'll learn more complicated procedures."
"You can't hold Brian at fault for every single little mistake he makes. After all, he's a complete newcomer, and he's still learning the basics."
"The little league baseball team has a lot of rookie players this year!"
"Sheri is a total greenhorn, and will have to be careful to ensure that she doesn't get hurt while learning how to ride a horse."
"When it comes to computers, I'm a bit of a Sunday driver. I can do basic things but that's it!"
"Ron is a bit of a dabbler; he gets into lots of different hobbies but he never sticks with them for very long."
"These books are interesting: They're all about an amateur detective who likes to catch criminals."
"Jane is a total neophyte but don't let that ruin your impression of her; she learns very quickly and will soon be able to do her job like an old pro."
"He's a bit of a tenderfoot, but that's sure to change once he has acquired some experience."
"Jared may be a non-professional singer, but he has a great voice! It's often difficult to believe that he's just an amateur."
"They're hobby farmers who grow all kinds of vegetables, raise bees, and experiment with different techniques for grafting fruit trees."
"Jessica may be an amateur artist, but she has a keen eye for color, plus a unique style that will make her work popular in no time."
"As an aspiring actor, I spend a lot of time developing my technique."
"I'm a layperson, not an expert; even so, I have studied much of the same information that professionals have, and I know what I'm talking about."
"You may be a novice now, but soon you'll be skiing like a pro."
"Don't be so hard on him; after all, he's a complete beginner."
"My hobby is a bit expensive: I'm an amateur photographer."
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