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Synonyms for Abandon

Another way to say

discard, desert, vacate, discontinue, ditch, dump, drop out, leave, pull out, quit, stop, withdraw, surrender, bail out, bow out, back out, walk out on, step down, relinquish, wash hands of, reject, jilt, disown, spontaneity, disregard, freedom, impulse, recklessness, thoughtlessness, unrestraint


There are different ways to use the word 'abandon.' In some cases, it means to forsake, desert, or leave completely. It means giving up control of something or casting it away. If you think of a stray animal that was once a pet, the animal's owner may have abandoned it. The pet has been left in a sad state of affairs. Another way to define abandon is 'to leave in a troubled state.' This definition can apply to physical and mental things; imagine a vacant, badly damaged house with no owner, or a project that has been given up on. Both the house and the project have been abandoned. Finally, the term 'abandon' can refer to a state of mind such as carelessness or a complete disregard of consequences. When used this way, it is often paired with the word 'reckless', which essentially means 'careless.' When a person acts with reckless abandon, he or she takes action without worrying about problems that could arise. If, for example, a person speeds down the highway with reckless abandon, he or she is not concerned about causing an accident or getting a ticket. Sometimes 'reckless abandon' refers to lighthearted concepts: For example, dancing in a carefree way without worrying what others think is a form of reckless abandon. As you'll see from the examples, there are many ways to use the word 'abandon' and its synonyms as verbs to talk about leaving, and to use 'abandon' as a noun when discussing carelessness or spontaneity.


"Freedom and unrestraint can be highly beneficial to people who work in creative fields; however, they need to be balanced out with a certain amount of focus and prioritizing."
"If you act with thoughtlessness, you'll pay a high price in the end."
"Jim's recklessness has lost him a lot of friends over the years."
"It might be fun to act with spontaneity, but you can't follow every impulse and expect to succeed."
"She felt a sense of reckless abandon when it was finally time for her vacation; it was as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders."
"We washed our hands of the whole thing because it was such a bad business deal."
"Jeremy relinquished ownership of his dog when it became clear that he could no longer care for a pet."
"She never forgave him for jilting her; he left her at the alter and never called to explain why."
"The CEO stepped down when he was caught embezzling."
"I love you and will never walk out on you."
"The driver bailed out just before his race car exploded"
"The king surrendered after a siege that lasted four months."
"We're going to withdraw our proposal; the fact is, we just can't compete."
"The team had to pull out of the playoffs when they lost their star player to a knee injury."
"I can't believe you dropped out of school; are you coming back?"
"Jennifer dumped Henry when she found out that he was chatting with other girls online."
"The pilot ditched his airplane when the engine caught fire."
"They had to abandon their hopes of expanding the park when the city denied the necessary permit."
"We had to discontinue our attempts to build a kids' playground after we lost funding for it."
"They vacated their home after the flood ruined everything; there was no way that they could rebuild."
"After huge sandstorms buried houses, barns, and equipment, many people deserted their farms and went in search of new opportunities."
"I can't believe he discarded you after a yearlong relationship."
"Our car broke down and we had to abandon it while we went to get some help."
"During the daytime, the abandoned house has a dull, sad look; after dark, it takes on a completely spooky appearance."
"I adopted my dog after someone else abandoned him by the side of the road."
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