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Ginger Software is a member of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and was developed primarily for helping people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. For people with learning disabilities, using Ginger is a life-changing experience, allowing them to independently compose error-free texts in English, sometimes for the first time. Tested and highly regarded by industry professionals, Ginger recently won the prestigious 2010 Tech & Learning award of excellence for best new product, and was an AEP Distinguished Achievement Award 2010 finalist and an EdNET industry award 2010 rookie of the year finalist.

Why most spell checkers are not up to the task

Traditional spell checkers work only if the writer’s spelling isn't too "far off" from the correct spelling of the word. This often creates a problem for students with disabilities. Because their spelling can often be very far from the correct spelling, the spell checker fails to identify what the correct word should be. Furthermore, a person with dyslexia may also have a reading disability, and may therefore be unable to recognize the correct word even when it is suggested by the spell checker.

How Ginger can help people with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties

Ginger is an online spelling and grammar checker that relies on full sentence context clues to help the user with the writing process. In addition, Ginger Premium includes a Text-to-Speech feature that allows users to listen to a word and its definition or sample sentence. This helps users select the word they intended to use in cases where they have difficulty identifying the word on the screen.

Help for dyslexia requires effective learning tools in addition to a writing assistant. With Ginger's user-friendly interface, which can be personalized by choosing your own fonts, colors, spacing and speech settings, assistance for dyslexic adults, adolescents and children is smooth and easy.

How Ginger can help improve your instruction

With Ginger, people with dyslexia are able to learn from past mistakes by identifying their most frequent errors and tracking their improvement over time. Ginger provides personalized reports that help people who suffer from dyslexia. The reports, which are based on the users’ own texts, clearly map out the most common dyslexia spelling and grammar mistakes as well as misused words and their corrections.

Ginger provides professionals with personalized reports, detailing the progress of each user. With these reports you can monitor individual progress, trace repetitive mistakes, recognize strengths and weaknesses and provide relevant individual assistance, while training individual students to overcome their specific challenges and monitor their progress over time. Ginger’s reports allow LD professionals to track and analyze a student’s progress, modify learning assistance when necessary and compare and evaluate different methods of instruction.

Ginger is free to use for LD professionals

If you are a LD professional, Ginger offers you a one year Ginger Premium license for free!
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Ginger Software’s Spelling and Grammar Checker for Dyslexia

People who suffer from dyslexia to any extent have difficulty identifying errors in texts they produce. People with dyslexia often misspell words in a severe and unusual manner. Common spell checkers on the market are typically designed for mainstream users whose writing mistakes consist of typos or common misspellings. Therefore, traditional spelling tools are not able to correct many of the mistakes made by people with dyslexia.

  • Contextual spelling correction - Ginger’s revolutionary technology was developed specifically to correct the kinds of spelling mistakes commonly generated by people with dyslexia. Traditional and common spell checkers are unable to correct the creative spelling errors that people with dyslexia make. Ginger’s unique technology makes it the most powerful spell checker on the market today. Based on context and phonetic word similarity, Ginger automatically corrects spelling mistakes, even the most unusual ones. Ginger corrects errors such as phonetic spelling mistakes (e.g., fizix → physics), unusual spelling mistakes (e.g., artside → outside), split/merged words (e.g., break through → breakthrough and togather → to gather), consecutive nouns (tickets office → ticket office), as well as missing spaces.
  • Misused words correction – Misused words are correct words in English (words that exist in the English dictionary) that are used in the wrong context. Ginger identifies and automatically corrects every misused word based on the context of the entire sentence. E.g., the same real-word mistake "reed" will have a different correction in each of the following sentences:

    I lick to reed books. → I like to read books.

    I lick to reed my bike → I like to ride my bike.

  • Grammar correction – Ginger is an extremely unique tool in the sense that it corrects a significantly large variety of grammatical mistakes. It successfully detects and corrects errors in categories such as verb tenses, prepositions, adjective/adverb usage, and more. For example:

    He's laughing on me! → He's laughing at me!

    Aren't she go home? → Isn't she going home?

    He didn't suggested it. → He didn’t suggest it.

  • Automatic correction – Ginger corrects entire sentences in a single click. The user does not need to select the spelling or grammar correction from a list of alternatives or confirm the correction for each word.
  • Dictionary definitions and sample expressions - A list of alternatives is provided for each correction. The user can click on any grammar or spelling correction for an explanation including dictionary definitions,sample expressions (for the original word the user used and for Ginger’s correction) as well as alternative corrections.
  • Audio Assistance - With Ginger, people who suffer from dyslexia benefit from audio assistance integrated into the software. Ginger reads aloud text files, emails and websites in a high quality human voice. Ginger can also provide speech feedback on any written English text so that people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities can hear how their work sounds when read aloud. Ginger highlights each word as it is read. Users can select the voice, speed, and accent (US/UK) of the speech.
  • Display adjustment – Ginger allowsusers to adjust the display settings to their needs. Users can modify colors, font size, font type, line spacing and more.
  • Easy to use – Ginger is very easy to use. With a click of a button, Ginger reviews an entire text and corrects full sentences automatically.

About Ginger Software

Experts in the field of natural language processing (NLP) in collaboration with statisticians, language specialists, software engineers, and educators, developed a cutting edge text-correction algorithm that automatically analyzes the context of errors in written English, and selects the most appropriate semantic and grammatical correction. Ginger can recognize the intended meaning of even extremely unusual misspelled words and provide the accurate correction.