Text Reader

“Learn to speak English with a proper accent; simply, effectively…. Naturally!”

Perfect your spoken English by listening to a native speaker read your text aloud!

Learn how to speak English easily using Ginger’s text-to-speech abilities. Using cutting-edge technology, Ginger’s Text Reader tool reads your text back to you with proper enunciation and accent of an English speaker.

Simply listen to the Text Reader and benefit from the vocalization of the text that you’ve just finished writing.
Pretty soon you will speak English with more confidence and communicate better – just like a native speaker.

Text to Speech Review

The Ginger Text-to-Speech feature is the perfect English listening comprehension tool for training learners of English as a Second Language. It reads any text in a high quality human voice, transforming written English text into English learning podcasts. The Ginger Text to Speech feature reads aloud any text in a document, email, or website in a lifelike voice. This feature will assist you in reviewing your text and making sure everything “sounds right”, while hearing words spoken in a native accent will improve your pronunciation. With Ginger’s Text-to-Speech reader, you are able to use your very own writing to become a better speaker.

Ginger Text to Speech Reader – Features

  • Reads aloud texts from MS-Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Outlook and any website opened with FireFox, Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers.
  • Uses amazing lifelike voices! Try it free and listen for yourself!
  • Gives you the option of selecting a male or female voice with either US or UK accents.
  • Allows speed and volume control.
  • Gives you the option to Play/Pause the reading process at any time.
  • Highlights the word it is currently reading.
  • Easy-to-use

Ginger Grammar & Spell Checker

  • Ginger Text-to-Speech reader is combined with the most powerful spell & grammar checker on the market.
  • The Ginger Grammar & Spell Checker corrects full sentences in a single click, including grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, misused words and punctuation.
  • Because it is context-sensitive, Ginger reviews and corrects your text like a human reviewer would.