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What is it?

Ginger's English learning program is the ultimate package to improve your English. The trainer provides a personalized, interactive learning environment that helps you perfect your English by learning from your mistakes.

How does it work?

Simply install Ginger's world-renowned spell and grammar checker and start typing in Microsoft Office, emails, social media posts, blogs, and more. Ginger highlights your spelling and grammar mistakes in blue and provides corrections for your mistakes. Each time you accept a correction, the mistake is categorized into grammatical topic. For example, if you wrote "my" instead of "mine", the learning program notes that you have a mistake in the Pronoun category.


Personalized practice

This is how Ginger's learning program is unique! Instead of generic English courses, Ginger lets you learn from your mistakes so you can improve faster and avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

View your progress over time

With Ginger's online English software, you can learn in a fun, interactive environment. Receive practice lessons, an overall score and a personalized report of your progress. The English learning program is customized to your individual needs. Ginger's personalized English lessons focus on your weak areas and help you learn as-you-go. This one-of-a-kind solution lets you correct your mistakes in real-time so you can avoid making them in the future.

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Analyze your writing in real time and receive customized, English practice exercises and bonus activities – without the need for boring, online classes. Personalize your learning anywhere, any time with the best English software from Ginger!