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Spelling Mistakes Hall of Fame

Posted by The ginger Team | October 25th 2011

There are quite a few spelling mistakes we see here at Ginger, but some repeat more than others. Here are the most common spelling mistakes and their fixes.


Typos are a very common problem in the digital writing environment. These are words that while you probably know how to spell properly on paper, you can get them wrong when typing. The most common spelling mistakes resulting from typos have missing letters, added letters, or letters that are replaced with letters that are near them on the keyboard.

Here are Ginger’s most frequent spelling mistakes that result from typos:

  1. Heelo → Hello
  2. Br → Bar
  3. Boo → Book
  4. De → Due


Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. A regular spell checker won’t correct these spelling mistakes, because each word is spelled correctly, yet in a sentence they do not make sense. This is why it’s important to use a context-based spell checker.

  1. There → Their
  2. Were → Where
  3. Then → Than
  4. To → Two

Spelling something as it sounds

English is a tricky language, there’s no doubt about it. Quite often words are spelled incredibly different than the way they sound, which causes a lot of confusion and errors. Here are our most common spelling errors.

  1. Hi → he
  2. De → The
  3. Et → at
  4. Walrd → world
  5. Grehhmer → grammar


Shortcutting, or replacing a word with a letter that sounds the same, is very common when texting, multitasking, or writing quick unimportant messages. However, it is not considered professional and could be problematic.

  1. U → You
  2. C → See