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Grammar and Spell Checkers for Office Programs

Posted by The ginger Team | October 25th 2011

Proper grammar and spelling are extremely important in any piece of writing, and especially in professional documents. Such documents are the way you present yourself in writing and are a major part of business and personal communication. Even the best content will not be taken seriously if it is not properly phrased, and so it’s crucial to proofread, check spelling and grammar, and make sure your documents are as precise as can be. A good grammar corrector and spelling checker can help you achieve this goal.

How can a grammar checker and spelling checker improve your word documents?

Word documents are mostly suited for text-based documents, and as such, you should always verify and check spelling and grammar. While word does have a built-in spelling checker, it is not context based, hence it will not check spelling in the broader sentence context, but word by word. For example, it’s spelling/grammar corrector will not correct a sentence like “I want too go home,” because ‘too’ is also a word. Using a context-based grammar corrector such as Ginger will solve these problems easily.

How can a grammar checker and spelling checker improve your Outlook correspondences?

Whether you are writing a one-sentence email to a colleague, or an incredibly detailed email to your entire company on Outlook, your messages have to be clear, precise, and well-phrased. Email is all about communication. It’s not only about what you write, but about what the person who receives your email reads. If you don’t check spelling and grammar, you could end up sending embarrassing messages to important people.

How can a grammar checker and spelling checker improve your PowerPoint presentations?

Effective PowerPoint presentations are complicated and tricky to create. The texts have to be extremely short and accurate to communicate your messages. Having spelling mistakes can make you look less professional and damage the message you are trying to convey. Using a strong spelling and grammar checker will help you minimize errors and create a professional presentation.