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English Grammar – Sentence Structure

Posted by The ginger Team | October 25th 2011

In general, a typical English sentence structure will look like one of these four sentence types:

  1. Declarative Sentences
    Declarative sentences are used to form statements.
    For example: I’m coming home.
  2. Imperative Sentences
    Imperative sentences are used to command. They will usually command someone else (not “I”) to do something.
    For example: Tell the world I’m coming home.
  3. Conditional Sentences
    Conditional sentences are used to indicate dependencies between events or conditions. If something happens, then...
    For example: If you ever lost a light before, this one’s for you.
  4. Interrogative Sentences
    Interrogative sentences are questions.
    For example: How do I respond?

Diddy uses all four sentence types in one song!

These are the basic, most simple sentences that construct English grammar. You can use conjunctions to combine several sentences of the same type into one compound sentence. According to English sentence structure, however, it is not correct to combine different sentence types in one compound sentence.