How to Write a Job Description That Will Bring Talent to Your Company

Guest post written by Sienna Walker.

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Great companies require great employees to thrive and grow. Frankly, a business cannot reach its full potential unless it has a team of reliable and passionate superstars. That’s why good companies often go the extra mile to retain the best employees, offering flexible working hours, better salaries, and other benefits. If the company is able to keep top talent, it won’t need to hire very often, and the combined skill and experience of its employees will see it grow in no time. However, before a company can hope to retain superstar employees, it first has to find and attract them through well-written job descriptions.

A great job description is a lot like a marriage proposal – you want someone wonderful to first get attracted to you and finally say “yes”. This can sometimes be difficult, especially since you don’t know who you’re proposing to. Top talent, like a wonderful spouse, is looking for everything that would satisfy them in a long-term relationship. The perfect job description will demonstrate that your company is the perfect suitor.

If you are currently trying to find top talent to help your company reach the new levels, make sure to follow these simple steps to make your job description truly outstanding:

Proofread Everything

Highly talented candidates will have high expectations of a potential employer. After all, they might have spent years, if not decades in this particular business niche. They know their worth. They know that they’re on point. If there are typos, grammatical errors, and redundant sentences in your job description, they’re going to notice. Make sure it looks perfect before you post it. A highly qualified candidate may interpret small errors as red flags – if the company can’t even get the job description right, what’s it going to be like to work there? Perfect presentation is appealing to neat, orderly, and efficient people. Isn’t that exactly what you want from your employees?

Include Photos or Videos

Top talent doesn’t want a “good enough” job. Top talent wants an exciting career. You, on the other hand, want potential great employees to feel compelled to send in resumes. You want them giving you a follow up call the second they leave the interview. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can explain in words. Pictures and videos can capture the essence of things in a way plain text or a conversation cannot, making your job descriptions stand out among the competition.

Include a short video snippet of a fun meeting. Show pictures of Bring Your Pet to Work Day. Make your workplace look engaging and stimulating. Anyone can write about it, but the proof is always in the pictures.

Talk About Company Culture

Highly talented employees choose to work with a company (especially for the long haul) when they understand and love the company culture. Emphasize that as much as possible. Even if the salary and the benefits don’t quite stack up to those offered by the competitor, a stronger culture may be enough to attract and keep the top talent in your company.

Talk about the way the person hired for the job will integrate with everyone else. Focus on how everyone comes together. Speak about work responsibilities, but also about social, charitable, and bonding activities that everyone is a part of. Help your potential new star talents see themselves thriving in the environment your company creates.

Mention All the Good Things (Besides the Salary)

Keep salary open to negotiation – especially if you know your company may not be able to match your competitor. Focus on everything else you offer. What does your employee recognition program look like? Do you offer scholarship reimbursement or assistance with furthering education? Do you let employees work from home? Are there travel opportunities or flexible scheduling options? These perks can be worth more than a salary to people who prefer work life balance or people who have growing ambitions.

Talented people became talented because they explore their ideas, passions, and creative interest. If you can give them space to continue learning and exploring, you’re going to be the greatest employer they could ever ask for. You don’t even have to explain why these special perks are great – talented candidates will know immediately.

Show Room for Growth

Highly qualified candidates have no intention of working in the mail room forever. They may realize that they’ll need to take a lower level position when they’ve just started working with the company, but they also want to know that they aren’t going to get trapped there for years. Explain the career ladder and opportunities for advancement in the job description. Show them that the initial position can easily be a stepping stone to the place where they really want to be. You may also choose to mention lateral moves, depending on the nature of the position you’re describing.

Highly talented people will always look for a few core things in a job description. If you set the stage properly, they’ll be happy to perform. Measure your descriptions against your competitors, make something better, and see the incredible resumes start pouring in.

About author:
Sienna Walker is a career expert, writing about things connected to employment, self-improvement, and job satisfaction. Sienna is also a well-established blogger and is often found online, sharing her tips and ideas with job-seekers and employees.