Text to Speech

Mastering English speech is perhaps the most difficult task facing the ESL student. For people whose native language is different than English text to speech technology is essential for achieving that difficult task. Using advanced text speech technology will assist the ESL student in learning how to transform text into speech and how to express herself in a coherent way, using precise pronunciation and a clear accent.
Online services, such as Google translate and English grammar correction tools will provide you with written texts only. In order to master pronunciation and speaking with a proper accent, text to speech is an essential tool.
“This is an ambiguous, encyclopedic and pneumatic technologically advanced achievement!” besides being absolute drivel, such sentences are very difficult to pronounce for a person that is not a native English speaker. Text to speech technology can help improve speech and assist the user in successfully reading such sentences.
Another example for how text speech technology can assist someone who is interested in learning the English language and improving speech is to use it on texts that were translated by the Google translate service. Many people are using Google translate to translate various on line texts and websites from their own language to English. By copying such texts and pasting them to a word processor users are able to have the text to speech feature read aloud the texts that were translated by the Google translate service. Listening to those texts read aloud will assist in determining whether the Google translate service provided you with realistic results. Also, it can assist you in understanding how complete texts that are familiar to the user from her own native language will sound like in English. By listening to such texts spoken aloud by a realistic, human voice, learners are able to practice their English while they read and translate.
There are many more uses to text to speech technology. Improving one’s speech is a progressive and gradual process for the English learner. Using the text speech technology on a daily basis simulates an English speaking environment. Having the text to speech feature read texts aloud, pause it after a few sentences and them reading the text aloud yourself is a great way to practice your English communication skills. Pronunciation and accent are skills that require much practice. Text speech technology can provide you with the right tools and allow constant practice.