Modern slang today
Slang is an informal language or words that are used by a specific group of people. British slang, for example, is an unofficial adaptation of the English language in Britain. This informal way of speaking is acceptable in most informal and casual settings, although some British slang words have been used so often that they have been adapted into the formal way of speaking.

Over time, the words that are used in slang either die out because people have moved to other newer slang words or their use becomes so prevalent that they have to be incorporated into the common way of speaking.

Examples of slang from all over the world:

British slang
British slang is perhaps the most widely used and most documented slang in the world. British slang is used so widely that a dictionary dedicated to it was published in 1889. Since then, additional British slang dictionaries have also been published. Commonly used British slang includes:

  • Bang to rights- caught red handed
  • What a lot of Tosh- meaningless nonsense.
  • Trollied- stupidly drunk.
  • Don’t look so bait- Don’t look too suspicious.

Australian slang
Australian slang or Aussie slang is commonly referred to as strine by the locals. Not only can, the Aussie accent leave both English speakers and foreigners perplexed, but the Australian slang is also just as complex to understand.  Australian English is quite similar to British English; however, British slang and Aussie slang are two different entities. Aussie slang is all about making the words as short as possible. Here is a list of some of the most common slang expressions in Australia:

  • Barbie- barbecue.
  • Bottle-O: liquor store
  • Mozzie: mosquito
  • Root: sexual intercourse.

Teenage slang
The teenage slang of 2017 has evolved from the use of actual words to the use of abbreviations. Sometimes it can be difficult to decipher teenage slang, principally because the shorthand meanings can be varied. Some of the most commonly used teenage slang words are:

  • PAP- post a picture.
  • Bad- bad means good (as bad as they come).
  • Bae- sweetheart, lover. Sometimes it means Before Anybody Else when used with all uppercase.

So, why do people use slang?
Slang words are typically used by people belonging to a certain group. Because of this, using slang is, above all, a great way of demonstrating your identity. By using terms and words that can only be understood by a specific group, it is also easier to make a connection with like-minded people who know exactly what each word means. Slang is often termed as cool- teenage slang is especially used by the younger generations who rely on it to separate themselves from the older generation.