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Ginger’s Proofreader Now Available as a Keyboard for Android Mobile Devices


Ginger Software today introduced the Ginger Keyboard, a free mobile application for Android devices. The Ginger Keyboard is a simple-to-use proofreading tool that allows users to correct full texts in a single click.

The Keyboard integrates with any Android application – from email, to SMS, to social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Ginger’s Keyboard is the only writing tool on the market that understands a user’s context. Based on an advanced Natural Language Understanding Platform, the Keyboard not only corrects grammar errors and misused words, but also adapts to the user’s own terminology, names and even slang. This unique solution offers a fast and productive way to communicate on-the-go.

“Today’s mobile users repeatedly face a dilemma when communicating with each other,” said Yael Karov, Founder & CEO of Ginger Software. “Either risk having typos and errors by writing quickly, or lose time and the convenience of mobile messaging by carefully reviewing the text. Ginger solves this dilemma by correcting mistakes without losing time, anywhere a user types.”

The launch of the Keyboard adds to Ginger’s mobile offerings and represents a significant expansion for the company, which has been helping people improve their writing skills on MS Office and browsers. Based on its PC platforms, Ginger checks more than 20 million sentences worldwide every day. The algorithm uses statistical machine learning models based on over one trillion words to provide corrections that fit best into context, allowing the user to produce high quality writing.

According to Karov, “The quality of one’s writing can have a significant impact on how one is perceived.  The Keyboard gives Android users the confidence that whatever they write and no matter how fast they type – whether an email, text message, or comment – will be free of errors and contextually accurate.”

Users of all Android devices can download the Ginger Keyboard from the Google Play store. Once installed, users can correct any text and have the option to approve or ignore these suggestions. The Keyboard works with any textual application available on the device – there is no need to adapt the keyboard or download any additional software.