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Ginger Software Releases New Language Learning and Productivity Tool


Natural language company Ginger Software is releasing “Sentence Rephraser” today, a corrective language-learning and productivity tool which completes missing words in a sentence and finds alternative formulations to diversify and enrich one’s written language.

The unique software program, unlike anything currently offered on the market, enriches text with various forms and idioms and completes sentences contextually using an advanced algorithm that indexed over one trillion sentences on the web.

By completing missing words in a sentence and presenting alternate formulations of expression, Ginger Rephraser can be used by non-native English speakers as a practical language expansion and enrichment tool, and by native English speakers as a productivity tool that decreases the required amount of time spent typing sentences in e-mails or documents while on the go.

The product, available via the Web and soon-to-be on Android devices, has been developed by Ginger Software – creator of the popular Ginger Proofreader and Ginger Coach. Ginger Proofreader – a correction tool for grammar and spelling errors – has over two million users (most of whom are English as a second language speakers in the United States) and has been available since 2012. Ginger Coach – a product that analyzes an individual’s accumulated language mistakes, diagnoses the user’s weakest areas and presents him or her with relevant bite-size lessons that fix the most crucial problems – was released last month.

Ginger Rephraser, due to its unique ability to contextually understand, fix and enrich sentences, is a technological breakthrough for the ESL and native English speaking communities and stands to disrupt natural language learning and writing efficiency as a whole.

“We are thrilled to be launching Ginger Rephraser, a truly revolutionary technology that understands sentence context for the first time in history,” said founder and CEO Yael Karov. “By mapping a trillion sentences on the Web, our software is chartering new territory in helping both ESL and native English speakers improve their language and productivity.”

The release comes on the heels of Ginger Software raising $20 million in venture funding and stands to help secure the company’s position as a leader and innovator in natural language learning.