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Ginger Launches “Ginger Page” on iPhone, Android and PCs


Tel Aviv, Israel – Ginger Software announced today that Ginger Page, its new English writing enhancement app, is now available for download on several platforms, including iPhone, Android phones, tablets and Kindle. Additionally, Ginger Page will be available for download on PCs as well as an extension for leading browsers.

Ginger Page is a comprehensive English writing application that provides all the tools needed to compose high-quality English text everywhere one might write. This is accomplished by providing live rephrasing and proofreading capabilities and also offering quick access to important complementary writing tools like contextual synonyms, translations and definitions. Ginger provides added value through its contextually-aware capabilities and the fact that it adapts itself to its users, learning their writing style/habits and changing corrections and suggestions to accommodate.

On Android devices, Ginger Page also features a keyboard application, so that users can enjoy real time corrections anywhere they write (e.g. Gmail, Facebook) in conjunction with the expanded writing capabilities available through the app. Following the recent announcement that Apple is opening its keyboard to third-party developers, Ginger will also be introducing an iOS version of its popular Android keyboard app over the next several months.

Ginger Page was constructed from the same technology used to build the natural language processing tools and applications assets recently acquired from Ginger by Intel. It offers users – including native English speakers as well as those for whom English is a second language – an improved ability to formulate contextually appropriate English.

“Ginger Page provides users with the ability to write contextually correct sentences along with real time corrections, giving them a truly dynamic product that we believe will offer millions of people around the world a better way to write correct English, every time they compose a sentence,” said Maoz Shacht, CEO of Ginger Software. “Following the sale of Ginger’s Virtual Personal Assistant business to Intel, we can continue to focus on building the world’s most comprehensive English writing product for our users.”

Ginger Page provides an integrated environment for writing correct English while matching and adapting to the needs of its different users – from those using the app for business or academic purposes to those using it to post updates and messages on social networks. The application boasts the world’s leading proofreader, capable of detecting 6 times as many grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes than other platforms, while its advanced rephraser will suggest alternatives as you type. Additionally, Ginger Page has a text reader that converts text to human voice, can understand the context of a sentence – no matter the language – allowing it to more accurately identify and correct errors, and can translate text into more than 40 different languages. Ginger Page also features easy access to a contextual dictionary offering fast synonym and definition search.

Ginger Page is available for download in the Google Play store, the App store, the Amazon App store, for use with a PC and as a web extension.

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