How to Write a Perfect Graduation Speech

Guest post written by Regine Ward.


Graduation is an event that every student anxiously anticipates. But as graduation day nears, it becomes obvious that writing a powerful and convincing speech is not as easy as it seems.
Of course, every speech should be genuine, personal and unique. However, there are tips and tricks that can be applied to any graduation speech which are gathered in the following article. So, keep reading to learn more about how you can write a memorable speech.

#1 – Consider Your Audience

When you start writing your graduation speech, you usually think about your classmates who will be listening to it. But there will also be parents, teachers, and the administration. So, your speech must be adapted to every member of your audience.
Keep in mind that students vary – some of them have honors, others – sport achievements, and some who simply struggled to finish studying. So, make your address speak to every person and consider their experiences.

For example, if you want to use some complicated words or terms, you can gently accompany them with clarifications or with more widely accessible words. This way, you will make your speech relatable to your listeners.
Also, avoid using phrases like “now we know what we are going to do in our lives,” or “we all had our best experiences here,” as these phrases might not apply to all your classmates.

#2 – Always Proofread

Finishing your speech in the nick of time, just before getting on the stage is not the best way to prepare a persuasive delivery. When you have all your thoughts organized on paper, reread your text, and make your edits. Pay attention to the logical flow of the text, transitional sentences, and repetitions. Even though your teacher or professor won’t rate your literacy, keep your speech free of grammatical mistakes, and typos as you might become confused in the process. In this case, Ginger is what you need for a backup.

If you don’t know what to talk about in your speech, or how to organize your thoughts, especially if you have no experience in writing a speech yourself, you can turn to a freelance writer from platforms like, Take My Class.

#3 – Practicing Is Essential

Also, make sure you have enough time to practice. Read your speech as many times as you need, so as to avoid stumbling, and make your voice sound natural. Powerful speeches are those that don’t sound as memorized but those that sound like genuine words from the heart. In particular, pay attention to the speed of reading as you will have a specific time limit. Usually, when delivering a speech, people are reading about ten words per minute faster due to anxiety. So you might even practice delivering your speech a little slower than usual.

#4 – Add a Pinch of Humor

Graduation is one of the events that are suitable for using a little humor. It’s not about making yourself a clown on the stage, but about adding a little charm to your address and overcoming anxiety.
Be careful with your choice of words and don’t use offensive jokes. You might be a little self-deprecating or choose a gentle touch of intellectual humor but never make fun of someone’s flaws or the weaknesses. You don’t want to be asked to leave the stage, right?

#5 – Don’t Try Too Hard to Make Your Speech Stand Out

Some students write their speeches to impress and to stand out from the crowd. But in spite of having good intentions, they often fail. Why though?
It might not be obvious, but the audience can always feel if the words were contrived rather than genuine. Don’t try to write in a complicated manner or to use a lot of idioms. Speak from your heart.

Final Thoughts

Writing your graduation speech can be a little overwhelming, especially with all the warm memories of your time in school flooding your mind. Use these emotions to make your speech honest and touching. Don’t be afraid to speak from your heart but choose your words wisely, so as to make your speech suitable for the event and your audience.

About author:
Regine Ward is a freelance blogger and content marketer who works for Take My Class service. She loves making useful listed articles or other educational content as she believes that people have to improve their skills and learn about new things daily. She is also a big yoga and photography fan.