Jan 31st 2019

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Grammar Expectations vs Reality


The English language is one of the most popular studied language.

English is one of the most popular languages in the world. Contemporary communication relies on an effective development an understanding of language. Moreover, it requires extensive knowledge of grammar and vocabulary mastery which is crucial in developing the significant meaning of sentences. The English language reflects significant centuries of growth and development. The political and social events have similarly had substantial effects on English. English is spoken in many countries and used for communication in significant parts of the world. Therefore, the language is one of the vital elements of communication to many communities. It provides a medium through which English speakers can communicate. The vocabulary incorporated used in any speech rely on good English background.

Steps of learning Grammar.

Grammar shapes language in every aspect due to the need of speakers to provide the meaning of words and structure sentences. The teaching of grammar occurs at different levels of learning institutions. Grammar learning improves communication between educators and students. It also creates a commendable pre-written research papers through proper grammar and the correct language use. However, it requires a stepwise process that allows students to master the essential vocabulary and grammar at the elementary level before proceeding to higher learning institutions. Students also have an opportunity to learn English grammar online step by step.
The first step of learning grammar requires a student to differentiate parts of a sentence. Understanding the eight elements of grammar further defines a sentence and grammar. Examples include the nouns, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, conjunctions, preposition, and interjections. The next step is to break down a sentence into structures. The process can be achieved by developing meanings for all word categories and putting them together to make up a sentence. Therefore, a sentence consists of a package of words combined to express a particular thought. Consequently, a subject and a verb must be identified in a group of words to qualify as a complete sentence. For example, the process can further be explained as having someone doing something.

Learning phrases is also a crucial step which requires English users to master units of language and regularly apply them in sentences. However, they function as a single unit when used in a sentence. Most of them work as verb phrases. It enhances and defines different verbs and nouns thus creating an understanding of what the sentence explains through a combination of different words.
Learning about clauses also improves grammar. A clause contains a subject and a verb. The formation of sentences occurs through an independent or dependent clause. Independent clause plays a crucial role in acting as a single part of speech. The next step involves the sentence diagrams which are a primary method of learning grammar. It uses pictures to enhance mastery and understanding of sentence structures. It is one way of identifying whether written and spoken languages provide the required meanings of a sentence. It enables the speakers and listeners to understand different forms of sentences.

Importance of Grammar.

English Grammar plays a vital role in the understanding of different words in English and other languages. It forms a style that makes it possible for people to talk by defining various steps required to create meaningful sentences such as grouping of words. Therefore, grammar offers an opportunity to express diverse opinions. Although associated with errors and accuracy, it provides a chance to develop a precise and accurate understanding of the English language. Understanding the English grammatical patterns is crucial in developing literature discussions that enhance knowledge between students and their teachers. It results in easy learning and understanding of vocabulary and the proper uses in a different set of sentences. Grammar enables the formation of sentence structure creates an accurate interpretation of literature. Thus, it is a crucial skill when students are required to accomplish creative assignment and compositions. Besides, it promotes precise communication methods among English speakers.

Grammar is essential for any form of communication. Therefore, developing a deeper understanding of grammar provides a better opportunity for a person to start learning English grammar. Through the appropriate understanding of grammar, a reader can understand the nature of the English language. Therefore, it enables them to establish different grounds for linguistic prejudices and address different language issues affecting the public thus enhancing the state of the English language. The process also provides an opportunity for the users to apply appropriate words and clauses in the right sentences.

The process on how to use grammar offers the chance to analyze literature with the aim of establishing the significant ideas of the authors. Therefore, it provides an opportunity to express the meaning of words to other people. The step is vital since it enhances social relations where people communicate and creates an understanding especially when faced when conflicts. By understanding how language works, student and readers are often provided with an opportunity to make decisions on the correct usage of words. Furthermore, it provides readers with analysis options required to develop the precise meaning of written work. It also enables the speakers to eliminate grammatical errors in sentences thus providing clear communication. However, grammatical understanding of words varies based on the background used develops the language skills.

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