Jul 16th 2015

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Ginger presents: “Procrastinator, This One’s For You”


Hey guys,

So this week we decided to address those of you who usually postpone their tasks and assignments to the last minute… AKA “Procrastinators”.
A procrastinator is a person who delays or puts things off, that could (and should) be done in a timely manner. The word comes from the Latin verb ‘Procrasinare’, which means deferred until tomorrow (pro=forward, and crastinus= of-tomorrow). Procrastinators usually postpone and put off things due to laziness or carelessness. Being a procrastinator doesn’t mean you’re not a hard worker, it just mean that you have to work a little more to get past your habits.

There are 5 types of procrastinators:

  1. The Daredevil – This one starts his work only when the deadline is just around the corner. His work is always done under great pressure and usually with a lot of errors, as he doesn’t really care about the quality of it as long as it gets done.
  2. The Self-Saboteur – This one is his own worst enemy, putting obstacles in his path to stop himself from completing his work; that way he can say it wasn’t his fault. He can handle stress and does not care what others think of him.
  3. The Ostrich – Likes to stick his head in the sand and ignore his assignments, avoiding having to make decisions. He’s afraid of failure and feeling useless, and can’t handle stress at all. He’s very serious about his work and is concerned about what others think of him.
  4. The Chicken – Can’t make a decision to save his life, as there are too many choices. By the time he makes up his mind, it’s too late, causing him to feel like he may as well put things off and let someone else choose for him.
  5. The Perfectionist – He is ruled by what others think of him, and will settle for nothing less than perfection (which is impossible). He delays work until he is sure that other won’t criticize it.

Whatever type of procrastinator you are, you need to conquer your fears, stop making excuses and just go for it.

We’ll end with a lighter note, so here are some funny quotes and examples, our inner-procrastinator can relate to:

  1. “When the number of postponed tasks is rapidly growing, one needs to find a solution… tomorrow”
  2. The meaning of the word “tomorrow” is: ‘the best time to do everything you planned for today.’
  3. Nike’s logo should be ‘Just Do It… Tomorrow’
  4. “I am the best procrastinator I know. If procrastination was an Olympic Game, I’m sure I would have won the gold medal.”
  5. Procrastination is: “being very busy doing things one doesn’t need to do in order to avoid doing anything one is actually supposed to be doing.”
  6. “Maybe sometimes I procrastinate doing my work, but I’ve never procrastinated taking a nap.”
  7. “There are no limits to what you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else.”

With Ginger Keyboard you can fight the “procrastination epidemic” by listing all your tasks and assignments using Any.do directly from your keyboard.
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Liron and the Ginger Team.


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