English At Community College

The English language is a popular specialty among first-year students. Only a few of them realize that English is a subject that is studied in colleges, especially at community colleges. Due to the confusion around terms ‘community college’ and ‘college,’ people often dismiss these facilities.

When we use the term ‘college,’ it can refer to many different educational institutions, such as:

  • Higher education (secondary education) establishments.
  • Tertiary education facilities where you can get your Bachelor’s, Master’s
  • Collegiate-like bodies referring to a group of specific or allied professions,g., Colleges of Surgeons and Physicians.
  • In some countries, college is synonymous of‘university.’
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In several countries, community college is basically an institution that provides about two years of general training in a separate field. They are also known to host transfer programs that usually involve one or two community college courses that prepare students for the four-year university specialties.

Transfer programs usually prove to be helpful for a lot of people because some students require more time to adapt to the curriculum offered by a university. The community college can be that middle ground that will aid their smooth transition.

Another useful feature that community colleges can offer is an efficient workforce education. This is one of the community college programs aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills in the labor market. Workforce education helps students with becoming more competitive and developing the desired traits for their dream specialties. Some even end up getting help with the tuition fees for further studies.

Differences Between College And Community College
Actually, the two institutions are very different from each other. It can be proved by the way how uses of the terms differ from one country to another. In some African countries, for example, A college is synonymous with a secondary school. A community school of higher education, however, is comparable with a ‘facility of education/technology’ and is ranked higher than a secondary school. In the USA, things are a little different. By most definitions in the US, the one synonymous with a university is ranked higher than the other one. They can refer to a university or a specialist institution.

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What Kind Of Essays Can Be Written In These Colleges
Among the various programs in a junior institution, it is possible to take an English course. This course will help students develop necessary communication skills, learn to express their goals and decisions in written form, and compose legit essays. The types of essays can be very different, each relying on the specific format and content requirements:

Cover Letters
Students will have to learn how to write this letter because sooner or later they would have to use it while searching for a job. In community college, they get a perfect chance to practice in writing the most high-quality cover letter and expressing their abilities to a prospective employer in a right way. Also, you will get to use a free online plagiarism checker that will guide you in making your cover letters winning and genuine.

Work Resume
A lot of people still cannot survive the thought of composing their own resumes. They end up seeking help from agencies that specialize in this field. But you can actually learn how to do this. And the process is not that scary. A community institution can be a safe and nourishing environment to practice essay writing.

Personal Statement
Some universities or colleges require attaching this paper to the student’s application. Mainly, you have to write about the reasons for wanting to study at a particular university.

Descriptive/Reflective/Argumentative essay
Achieving considerable success in the essays mentioned above is depending on how well you master the basic essay types. Descriptive essay helps to build your vocabulary, while reflective ones teach you to express your thoughts. Argumentative essays can help you practice on how to defend your ideas with solid points.

About the Author:
Emily Watts is an English teacher at a local college and a freelance writer. She’s got her education not only in school and university but also in the community college that was her transition from the secondary education to highest. In her words, the years at community college helped her to understand what specialty she wants to get in the future and ‘made her a writer.’ She believes that English is a very vital tool that could give students life-turning opportunities.