End of School holidays

School_Holidays_500x300_2The new school year has started, which puts an end to the stressful school holidays. The summer flew by and as a parent; you may or may not be grateful for the start of a new semester. If you have not already prepared for the end of the school holidays 2017-2018, you need to get started on the lengthy process of getting ready. You need to acquire school supplies, prepare school uniforms if necessary, as well as get the kids mentally prepared. If you are struggling to transition from school holidays 2017-2018 to the new school term dates, here are some tips to help you adjust:

Set a schedule

It is important to set a schedule for waking up and bedtime so that your children can get back into their normal school routine. Ideally, you should start adjusting the children’s schedule at least a week in advance so that they can get used to it by the first day of class. Resetting their sleeping patterns from what they were used to during the holiday will help them settle down in school better. It is also supposed to help with school performance.

Make studying a top priority

Transitioning from the school holidays 2017-2018 can be easier on the children when parents establish well defined academic goals for their kids. Of course, it is important to make these goals with a little input from your child so that you can hold them accountable. The path to achieving academic success is obvious; it must be characterized by regular study sessions, completed assignments and class participation throughout the year.

Meet the teachers

Most schools and principals generally urge parents to make a connection with their children’s teachers. This connection can be made during drop off on the first day of school or during the school’s open house. Most schools also host various back to school events before the end of the school holidays so that parents can acquaint themselves, especially with new teachers. Meeting your children’s teachers is important as it can help you children attain their full potential.

Don’t forget the extracurricular activities

It is essential for you as a parent to encourage your children to participate in extracurricular opportunities and activities that match their interests and preferences. There are many clubs, activities, and programs available in the modern school system to suit every child’s abilities and needs. Although extracurricular activities should be encouraged, parents should help their children with their time management skills so that their academic performance does not decline.

These tips, as well as continued support, should be able to help your child transition easily from the school holidays to the new semester. Until the next school holidays 2018, happy studying!