Jun 1st 2015

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Solitaire is celebrating 25 years of procrastination and wasting time at work

SolitaireHey guys,
Most of us have spent hours upon hours playing this popular game. And now, it’s celebrating its Quadranscentennial (or ‘Silver Jubilee’).

Microsoft (the company that gave us games such as Minesweeper, Hearts and of course Solitaire) is celebrating this special occasion by hosting two tournaments:

The first one, is an internal competition, which will find Microsoft’s best Solitaire player within its own employees.
The second, is a worldwide tournament, meant for the public. This tournament will begin on June 5th, and it’ll host the event inside the Windows app.

Microsoft Solitaire was developed in 1989, by then intern Wes Cherry, and was first introduced in Windows 3.0, as both for entertainment and to help new users to get familiarized with the new interface.

You can play your favorite old-school games (Snake, Copter, Squash and 2048) in your very own Ginger Keyboard‘s ‘Games Center’.

Liron and the Ginger Team.

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