Aug 19th 2015

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Need help with your back to school planning?


Hey guys,
Well August is almost over, which means that school is about to start. In order to help you with your back to school planning, we decided to share with you our pick for the top 7 back to school FREE apps.
Because let’s face it, apps just make our life easier, and there’s nothing we like more than FREE stuff!.

These apps can not only help you with the planning, they can also save you time, money, and help you with getting back to school on a budget (without going broke). These apps are easy to use and of course free!.
So check them out and see what they can do for you.

  1. MyHomework – This app is available for both Apple, Google Android products.
    This app allows syudents to keep track of their classroom assignments. You can easily color-code assignments by due date and even syncs information to your desktop computer which will help you to keep all of your info in one easy to find place.
  2. TeamSnap – Available for both Apple, Google Android products.
    This app is perfect for coaches looking to manage rosters, schedules, practices, and more. You can also use the app to communicate the information to team parents. And the parents can keep an eye on their kids’ stats and communicate with other parents as well.
  3. CourseSmart – Available for both Apple and Google Android products.
    Forget the days of carting around heavy textbooks! The CourseSmart app has the power to put a semester’s worth of books on a laptop, tablet, or even a smart phone. Although most books are free to transfer,  some will cost you, however that cost is still less than if you were to buy the text in print.
  4. – Available for both Apple and Google Android products
    This app is exactly what it sounds like, a dictionary at your fingertips. You can find the meaning to words at the tips of your finger with this easy to use app.
  5. Evernote – Available for Apple and Google Android products, Blackberry products
    This app allows you to type as well as synchronize your class notes, lists, and more.  Then, all of the notes you enter are searchable for easy access. Never lose important notes and information again with this easy to use app.
  6. Student Tracker Life 360 Locator – Available for both Apple and Google Android products.
    If you are worried about your younger kid walking home, the Life360 Family Locator can help you find peace of mind. All you need to do is register her cell and this easy to use Life360 app will locate her on the map. It also has a panic button in case of emergency. How cool is that?And last, but not least….
  7. Ginger – Ginger Page is available for both Apple and Android, and Ginger Keyboard available for Android products.
    – Ginger Page Writing App: Ginger’s writing app offers you a better way to write in English. Get everything you need to quickly compose high-quality text that amplifies your message, everywhere you write.
    – Ginger Keyboard: Allows users to send better, less embarrassing texts and higher quality writing. You can even customize your keyboard’s Smart Bar with the apps you want to have there for a truly optimized and productive mobile flow. Make the most out of idle time by playing a quick game of Snake, Squash, Copter or 2048 and catch up on the headlines from leading news outlets while you’re waiting for replies.

These fantastic apps are easy to use and as mentioned, FREE! Give them a try on your smartphone today and see how your school year can be a little bit easier as well as less expensive!

Liron and the Ginger Team.

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2 Responses to “Need help with your back to school planning?”

  1. ling ling on October 3rd, 2015

    Hello, I am leaving a comment here because I need help. As the subject gets back to school, it is so much related to myself. I am a working adult, taking part time course in order to obtain a degree. To enhance my assignment, I have signed up for Ginger software. However, recently my university came up with an English grammar software and it is compulsory for all the students to purchase. That is why, I wrote in 4 times to terminate my monthly subscription on Ginger software. Unfortunately, no one processes my request and continue to charge into my credit card. Can I have someone really look into my request and help me to cancel my monthly subscription? It is not fair to continue to charge me the bill when I have requested to cancel my account. Thank you!


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