Jun 14th 2017

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Kodak Moments

Kodak Moments

Written by Malki Ehrlich on June 14, 2017

Everyone has had a “Kodak moment”, and the lucky ones have actually been able to capture this moment on film or print. As the #KodakMoment hashtag sweeps across the Internet, I can’t help but wonder if anyone knows where the term actually comes from?

Kodak Moments – What are those?
As many of us remember, the Eastman Kodak Company (referred to simply as Kodak) filed for bankruptcy in 2012; a clear fallen victim of the advanced camera revolution. However, the Kodak name still rings true for another cohort of picture takers who boastfully brag of catching the highly illusive “Kodak moment”.

Kodak’s slogan grasped its huge following of people in the 1980s when TV commercials utilized the term: “These are the occasions. Kodak moments”.

How is this expression used nowadays?
The expression is currently used when snapping a photograph of somebody at a specific moment that will never be forgotten or at an especially memorable location. The recently added definition in Oxforddictionaries.com is defined as: “an occasion suitable for memorializing with a photograph”.
In true Oxford style, the term was added to their online dictionary once it began to rise in its utilization via web-based networking media… before then, you just had to be old(er), to know what it meant!

Examples of its usage:

  • I love the pool, it’s always full of Kodak moments, as swimmers, dive, swim and test their limits.
  • You should have seen my son give that speech, now that was a Kodak moment!
  • I captured that Kodak moment on my iPhone, just as the two runners crossed the finishing line almost simultaneously.
  • My sister’s wedding was full of Kodak moments.

Occasionally, this expression is utilized ironically when one is attempting to state that a thought or notion is outdated, out of style, or insignificant.
Example: “Goodness gracious, wearing torn pants is so Kodak!”

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  1. Angreji Muhavare on July 14th, 2017

    Interesting post, love read about this idiomatic expression “Kotak Moments”. I’ve got one more idiom to learn today, but I am not sure in whether this idiom is used in UK or not?


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