May 20th 2015

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The ‘Android Community’ praises Ginger Keyboard



Hey guys,

In this rapidly evolving world, Ginger tries to stay in the heart of the Keyboards evolution. We’re proud to have been recently featured and reviewed by ‘Android Community‘.

Android Community, composed of mobile and tech enthusiast and professionals, is a site that tries to stay ahead of the news curve and provide the best source of open-platform mobile devices, news and Web analysis.

We are very excited to have been recognized by the Android Community for our efforts and achievements in the Android Keyboard area.
Here is a taste of what they had to say about Ginger:
“Ginger Keyboard app is probably the only one in the market that can not just correct your spelling, but even your grammar. It will be your best friend, especially if you’re the type who’s very conscious about these things…. If you’re bored or waiting for a message but have nothing to do, you can even play games on the Ginger Keyboard…”
To read the full review, please click on this link.

Liron and the Ginger Team.

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