May 14th 2015

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5 reasons you’re NOT using your Keyboard properly


Hey guys,

Most of us no longer see our mobile phone as just a method for making phone calls or sending texts.
For most of us, our Cell is our everything, and we can’t imagine how we ever lived without it.
From sending emails, watching movies, reading the latest news and planning our entire itinerary.

In an average week, people pick up their phone more than 1,500 times to complete various tasks, and are on average on their phone for 3 hours and 16 minutes a day (that’s all most an ENTIRE day each week!!).

Therefore, we decided to list the 5 ways you aren’t using your Keyboard properly, and how you can improve your writing, time and functionality:

  1. Emoji/Stickers/GIFs – Have fun, save time, and carry out entire conversations by using an emoji, sticker or GIF to convey your emotions and feelings.
  2. Stream – Why even bother to lift your finger off the keyboard. By using Stream (our swipe-like feature), simply slide your finger across the keyboard, and Ginger will guess your intended words.
  3. Accessibility and functionality Shortcuts – Improve your experience by using our Smart Bar. Save time by quickly accessing other apps without having to close your Keyboard.
  4. Proofreading – Stop worrying about misspelling or making grammar mistakes. Ginger keyboard identifies and covers a vast range of errors, from typos through severe misspellings to grammar mistakes and wrong usage of words. Correcting all of your mistakes with a single click.
  5. Word Prediction – You don’t even have to tap the entire sentence, as Ginger’s adaptive word prediction creates a personal database from your frequently used words, and predicts your next one.

You haven’t downloaded Ginger Keyboard yet?? What are you waiting for?!
Go here for our latest version.

Liron and the Ginger Team.

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One Response to “5 reasons you’re NOT using your Keyboard properly”

  1. John on May 14th, 2015

    How does Ginger compare to Grammarly and WhiteSmoke?


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