Jul 30th 2015

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19 Things we all used to do before Smartphones took over our lives!


Hey guys,
Do you ever wonder how we ever managed without our smartphones?
These days, our phones are with us 24/7, and we need to check them constantly, afraid of missing something or someone. And if, god forgive, we forget them at home we feel almost naked, and our fingers have no idea what to do with themselves.

However, 10 years ago, when the smartphone was still just a ‘wet dream’, we were able to manage pretty well without it.
So what’s better, with or without?

Here are 19 things we use to do, way back when we didn’t have smartphones:

  1. We could enjoy a concert/show, without feeling an uncontrolled urge to take a picture.
  2. We could sleep without worrying about every little notification we received on Facebook or WhatsApp.
  3. If we wanted to know what was going on in the world, we simply bought a newspaper.
  4. When we wanted to listen to music, we recorded our favorite songs on tapes and even gave them as gifts to the boy we liked at school.
  5. In order to get to places, we had to interact with people, and actually communicate with others
  6. When we scheduled an appointment, we didn’t know when they would arrive, where they’d arrive and if they’re planning on arriving at all…
  7. Social situations, like riding an elevator, were very awkward as there was nothing to stare at…
  8. We remembered all of our friends’ telephone numbers.
  9. We thought that prank-calls were the funniest thing in the world.
  10. We all used to own an answering machine, and we even left people messages.
  11. We usually kept our thoughts to ourselves, because there was no one to “like” them.
  12. When we wanted to take pictures, we used to take them with this weird device call a “camera”.
  13. Then we needed to wait a week till we could receive our developed pictures, only to find out that in most of them your uncle’s finger was covering the lens.
  14. When we wanted to write something, we used pencils and pens.
  15. When we needed to write papers, we had to go to this place called a “Library”.
  16. When we went out with our friends, we had to talk to them in order to catch up.
  17. But… we were mainly bored….
  18. Really bored…
  19. Never leave us smartphone!!!!

Liron and the Ginger Team.


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One Response to “19 Things we all used to do before Smartphones took over our lives!”

  1. S.K. Epperson on August 7th, 2015

    From your website: “Always By Your Side
    Use Ginger Page to help with your mobile writing, or whole you’re browsing the web and writing docs.”

    Is the ‘whole’ intentional? :)


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