Jul 31st 2017

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10 Phrases that will stick to you this Summer

10 Phrases that will stick to you this Summer

Guest post written by Anja Skrba on July 31, 2017

You were probably at the edge of your seat throughout the entire month, counting down the days until your holiday will finally come, so that you can have your well-deserved rest and not think about anything for a change….It’s getting very difficult not to daydream about a sandy beach, that summer sun, and a drink in your hand, isn’t it?

Well, if you want to get even more excited about the upcoming summer holiday and get yourself in a great mood, you should check out the ten phrases you will most likely use during your vacation. These will help you stay sane when you’re on the verge of your strengths and trying your best not to have a breakdown from all the stress that’s been building up the previous year. Going over the following phrases will undoubtedly help you daydream in fine details and project yourself exactly where you want to be.

Cool Morning Breeze
One of those perfect moments of any holiday is the second you open your eyes and realize that you’re actually on your vacation. The next thing you should do is open up a window or go to your balcony so that you can admire the view and feel that wonderful morning breeze in your hair and on your skin.

Lazy Sunday Afternoons
The greatest thing about summer is actually the lack of things – no responsibilities, no deadlines, and no problems. One of the phrases you will love repeating is that you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon and doing nothing else but unwinding.

Refreshing Cocktails
It wouldn’t be a full summer experience if you didn’t spend your lazy afternoon sunbathing with a drink in your hand. And it wouldn’t be a summer drink if it wasn’t a refreshing cocktail, would it?

Pesky Bugs
Well if all was perfect it wouldn’t be real; the thing that everyone hates about summer, and which is practically inevitable, are insects. So, a random moment where you’ll curse the fact that you’re surrounded by pesky bugs just has to happen.

Outdoors Adventures
Even though lazy afternoons have their charms, you should make yourself get up from that impossibly comfortable chair and set off to an adventure. Meeting new people or doing something that will make your adrenaline levels rise is what you need to make this summer memorable.

Roaming the World
If you’ve planned a free-spirited summer for yourself – and by that I mean travelling the world – chances are that you’ll have the best time of your life. Roaming the world is something most people dream about, so enjoy using this phrase when you find yourself on two different continents in two days.

Ocean Waves
Taking a long relaxing walk while your feet are in the sand and while restless waves keep hitting you softly is definitely a moment that will help you charge your batteries.

Family Get-Together
Summertime is definitely a wonderful opportunity for family reunions. I’m sure you will organize at least one backyard barbeque and plan a family get-together to catch up with everyone and have a great time.

Long Starlit Nights
I’m sure you know that feeling when you don’t have to look at the time and think about tomorrow even for a second, and you can just let your mind wander upwards and dwell among the stars.

Summer Fling
Speaking of starlit nights – that picture wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have a pinch of passion. The air on summer holidays is filled with wild hormones running around, so much so that you can practically cut through them with a knife, so you should simply let yourself enjoy that atmosphere. A little summer fling might be exactly what you need.

Each of these moments will make your summer unforgettable. However, in order to actually enjoy it and not just let these couple of months fly by, you need to be able to recognize them and pay attention to all the little details around you.

Anja Skrba is a Content Creation Manager for First Site Guide, an educational website which provides tutorials and guides that help people create, grow and maintain their online presence.


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